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Part number : SD7530S

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, HIGH POWER FACTOR FLYBACK PWM CONTROLLER.

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Manufacturer : Silan Microelectronics

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SD7530S Datasheet PDF

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SD7530_Datasheet HIGH POWER FACTOR FLYBACK PWM CONTROLLER DESCRIPTION SD7530 is a high power factor flyback PWM controller special for LED lighting applications. SD7530 features a high performance analog multiplier for power factor correction (PFC), zero current detector (ZCD) to ensure TM operation. It integrates a current sensing comparator with built-in leading-edge blanking, and a totem-pole output stage capable of -600mA /800mA current suited for big MOSFET. SD7530 has a built-in soft-start circuit to avoid the over voltage output under light load start, reduce MOSFET’s voltage stress, and improve circuit’s reliability. SD7530 has a built-in output short-circuit protection circuit, in this way the current of the system is considerably reduced to avoid the APPLICATIONS damage to IC. SD7530 includes VCC under voltage lockout, VCC over voltage * LED Daylight lamp protection, and over temperature protection, etc. FEATURES * Transition Mode (TM) operation * High-performance analog multiplier * Built-in restart timer * Integrate digital LEB * Low start-up current (5μA) * Audio noise free * Built-in soft start circuit * Very low power dissipation of output short-circuit protection (SCP) * VCC under vltage lockout with hysteresis (UVLO) * VCC over-voltage protection (VCCOVP) * Over temperature protection (OTP) ORDERING INFORMATION Part No. SD7530S SD7530STR Package SOP-8-225-1.27 SOP-8-225-1.27 Marking SD7530S SD7530S Material Halogen free Halogen free Packing Tube Tape&Reel HANGZHOU SILAN MICROELECTRONICS CO.,LTD Http:// REV:1.1 2013.07.24 Page 1 of 10 Silan Microelectronics SD7530_Datasheet BLOCK DIAGRAM 5 ZCD CLAMP 1.1V/0.25V ++- VCC UVLO VCC 8 17.5V/9.0V VCC OVP +- 4 CS LEB COMPA LOGIC CONTRL GATE DRIVE OUT 7 MULTIPLIER 3 MULT GND 6 SOFT START COMP 2 OTP SCP +- ERROR AMP VREF INV 1 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Characteristics Supply voltage (ICC<20mA) Peak drive output current Voltage on analog inpu [ ... ]

SD7530S PDF File

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