SC1006 – 1/6 Tones Alarm Generator

SC1006 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : SC1006

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 1/6 Tones Alarm Generator.

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Manufacturer : SilvanChip

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SC1006 Datasheet PDF

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1/6 Tones Alarm Generator General


SC1006 SC1006 is a CMOS process to manufacture the alarm sound generator ASIC, built-in voltage regulator circuit, reset capacitor, can directly enter the high-voltage power supply, and omit the diode and the reset capacitor voltage regulator. SC1006 you can select mono or six-tone cycle of the output.


CMOS Process Low-power, high noise immunity Built-in oscillator Built-in voltage regulator circuits can be directly input 12V-24V power supply Built-in reset circuit, provincial and lack of external reset capacitor Power control, loop output Pin Assignment OSCO OSCI TEST GND 4 5 1 8 SEL VDD BZ2 BZ1 SC1006-DIP8 SC1006-SOP8 Block Diagram Absolute Maximum Ratings DC Supply Voltage VDD Input Voltage Range VIN Storage Temperature TSTG Operating Temperature TOP — -0.3V ~ 24V -0.3VDD TO VDD +0.3V -25 -10 TO +125 TO +70 – Silvan Chip Electronics Tech.Co.,Ltd. Address: Fl.16 FuChang Building,Binhe Rd,Shenzhen,China Phone: 86-755-88291843 88304213 Fax 86-755-88290509 Email: Http:// Free Datasheet http:/// 1/6 Tones Alarm Generator SC1006 Electronic Characteristics Characteristics Supply Voltage Operating Voltage Operating Current BZ1/BZ2 Driving Current Oscillator Frequency Sym. VPOW VDD IOP IDRV FOSC Min. Typ. 12 4.2 10 3.0 128 Max. 24 4.5 20 –Unit V V mA mA KHZ @RZ=1KΩ @Power=12V, RZ=1KΩ No Load, @RZ=1KΩ @VDS=0.7V ROSC= 300KΩ, FOSC±10% Remark Timing Diagram VDD SOFT BZ1/2 S1 S2..S1S2 chirp [ … ]

SC1006 PDF File

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