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Part number : S93C46B

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, (S93Cx6B) CMOS SERIAL E2PROM.

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Manufacturer : Seiko Instruments

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S93C46B Datasheet PDF

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Rev. 3.1_01 CMOS SERIAL E2PROM S-93C46B/56B/66B The S-93C46B/56B/66B is a high speed, low current consumption, 1/2/4 K-bit serial E2PROM with a wide operating voltage range. It is organized as 64-word × 16-bit, 128-word × 16-bit, 256-word × 16-bit, respectively. Each is capable of sequential read, at which time addresses are automatically incremented in 16-bit blocks. The instruction code is compatible with the NM93CS46/56/66. „


• Low current consumption Standby: 1.5 µA Max. (VCC = 5.5 V) Operating: 0.8 mA Max. (VCC = 5.5 V) 0.4 mA Max. (VCC = 2.5 V) Read: 1.8 to 5.5 V (at −40 to +85°C) Write: 2.7 to 5.5 V (at −40 to +85°C) • Wide operating voltage range • Sequential read capable • Write disable function when power supply voltage is low • Function to protect against write due to erroneous instruction recognition • Endurance: 107 cycles/word* (at +25°C) write capable, 106 cycles/word* (at +85°C) 3 × 105 cycles/word* (at +105°C) * For each address (Word: 16 bits) • Data retention: 10 years (after rewriting 106 cycles/word at +85°C) • S-93C46B: 1 K-bit NM93CS46 instruction code compatible • S-93C56B: 2 K-bit NM93CS56 instruction code compatible • S-93C66B: 4 K-bit NM93CS66 instruction code compatible • High-temperature operation: +105°C Max. supported (Only S-93Cx6BD0H-J8T2, S-93Cx6BD0H-T8T2) „ Packages Package name Package 8-Pin DIP 8-Pin SOP(JEDEC) 8-Pin TSSOP SNT-8A DP008-F FJ008-A FT008-A PH008-A Drawing code Tape Reel  FJ008-D FT008-E PH008-A  FJ008-D FT008-E PH008-A Caution This product is intended to use in general electronic devices such as consumer electronics, office equipment, and communications devices. Before using the product in medical equipment or automobile equipment including car audio, keyless entry and engine control unit, contact to SII is indispensable. Seiko Instruments Inc. 1 CMOS SERIAL E2PROM S-93C46B/56B/66B Rev.3.1_01 „ Pin Assignmen [ … ]

S93C46B PDF File

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