PS9850 – Digital Audio Processor

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Part number : PS9850

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Digital Audio Processor.

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Manufacturer : PULSUS

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PS9850 Datasheet PDF

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PS9850 Multi-channel Digital Audio Processor Eight-channels, 192kHz, 24-bits Digital Audio Processor for Full Digital Amplifier Introduc- tion_______________________ The PS9850 is a highly integrated system-on-chip audio solution for multi-channel AV systems such as upper 5.1 channels, 6.1 channels or 7.1 channels. This device is a high performance PWM modulator and a high resolution digital audio processor. This device uses AD modulation operating at a 384kHz switching rate, supports AM interference rejection function, and has PWM sequences for pop-less. This device has an asynchronous sample rate converter for a variety of input sample rates with an embedded jitter correction function. For high performances and high resolutions, audio processors operate 30bit data paths and a 192kHz sample rate. This processor consists of equalizers, volume controls, a bass management and automatic gain limiting functions. Equalizers are fully programmable that have 69 band biquad filters with either a static or graphic mode and have usable preset graphic equalizer. This device is operated with a single power source, as it has regulators for its core. This device has a built-in PLL without external loop filter. Therefore the external components are minimized. Applications DVD receiver  Hi-Fi AV Receiver ü Set-top box ü Car AV Systems ü Digital audio workstations


General ü 3.3V single power supply ü Embedded regulator for 1.2V Power ü 64pin TQFP package ü Built-in PLL without external loop filter  Internal clock generation with X-tal ü I2C or SPI serial control slave interface Fea- tures_ Audio Interface ü 8-Channel serial audio interface. ü Supports 16/18/20/24-bit input ü Supports 13kHz ~ 192kHz input Fs. ü Supports up to 192kHz Fs for 8 Channels. ü Data formats ü (I2S, left-justified or right-justified) ü Microphone seri [ … ]

PS9850 PDF File

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