PS331 – Programmable SMBus/I2C Smart Battery ic With Packet Error Checking

PS331 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : PS331

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Programmable SMBus/I2C Smart Battery ic With Packet Error Checking.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Power Smart

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PS331 Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

Preliminary PS331 Multichemistry Smart Battery Monitor




• Performs all major Li Ion, NiMH battery monitoring and reporting functions 28 VDSS 1 SWITCH 27 2 EE-SCK SMB-CLK providing up to 1% accuracy in capacity 26 3 EE-f CS SMB-DTA measurement VREFT LED 1 4 PS331 25 • Additional output pin for over voltage or 24 5 VNTC LED 2 over temperature safety fuse operation 23 6 VCELL1 LED 3 (SAFEOUT) 22 VASS1 LED 4 7 21 VCELL2 SAFEOUT 8 • Fully compliant with industry standard 20 9 VCELL3 VDDD Smart Battery Data Specification V1.1a 19 VCELL4 EE-SI 10 – SMBus V1.1 with PEC/CRC-8 18 11 VADD EE-SI/SO communication with system host 17 12 VSHP OSCIN 16 VSHM OSCOUT 13 • High accuracy measurement of charge / 15 VASS2 VREG 14 discharge current, voltage, and 0.209 mil SSOP temperature with on-chip 14-bit integrating 28-PIN Package A/D • Precise capacity reporting for all lithium Pin Summary and nickel chemistries using PowerSmart Pin Name Function patented algorithms and 3D battery cell INPUT LED Switch Input models EE-SCK, EE-CS, SPI Serial EEPROM • 3D models and “learned” parameters EE-SI/SO Interface stored in external EEPROM; fully field reVREFT Reference Voltage Output programmable via SMBus interface VNTC Temperature A/D Input DataSheet • Supports cell configurations of 1-4 cells in VCELL1-4 Single Cell Voltage Inputs series VASS1, VADD, Analog Supply Voltage • Extremely low power operation: VASS2 Inputs – Sleep Mode: < 10 uA typical VSHP, VSHM Current Sense Resistor Inputs - Run Mode: < 500 uA typical VREG Voltage Reg. Control Output - Sample Mode: < 250 uA typical OSCOUT, OSCIN Xtal Oscillator Inputs (32 • PS31XX Modules available for quick KHz) prototyping or production VDDD, VDSS Digital Power Supply Inputs • Complete hardware and software SAFEOUT Safety Control Output development tools available LED1-4 SMB-CLK, SMB-DTA LED Output Driver pins SMBus Interface Pins DataShee Product Overview The PS331 [ ... ]

PS331 PDF File

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