PR4401 – (PR4401 / PR4402) 0.9V Boost Driver

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Part number : PR4401

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, (PR4401 / PR4402) 0.9V Boost Driver.

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Manufacturer : PREMA

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PR4401 Datasheet PDF

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LED DRIVER PR4401/PR4402 0.9V Boost Driver for White LEDs PR4401/4402 Requires Only One External Component The PR4401 and PR4402* are single cell step-up converters for white LEDs operating from a supply voltage of less than 0.9V. Only one external inductor is needed for operation of a white LED. PR4401 is recommended for mean LED currents of up to 20mA, PR4402 for up to 40mA. This makes PR4401 and PR4402 ideal for use in low-cost or small-sized applications such as LED flashlights or LCD backlighting for portable devices.


• • • • minimum startup voltage 0.9V 200/250mA peak output current only one external component required battery deep discharge protection Applications • Small-sized LED torches • LCD backlighting • LED indicator lights Typical Application Vbat =1.2V or 1.5V L1 The inductance L1 determines the LED current: Inductance L1 Mean current 6.5 mA 8.3 mA 10.8 mA 11 mA 14 mA 22 mA 32 mA * 40 mA * for PR4401 PR4401 PR4401 PR4401 PR4401 PR4401/4402 PR4402 PR4402 47µH Vcc Vout Gnd PR4401/02 White LED 32µH 26.7µH 22 µH 14.7 µH 10 µH 6.8 µH * 4.7 µH * For output currents higher than 20mA an additional blocking capacitor at Vcc is recommended. * PR4402 only measured with inductor Murata type LQH32C series 10-22µH: one white LED 4.7-6.8µH: two white LEDs in parallel Pin


Vcc PIN Name Vcc PIN Function


Supply voltage Output voltage, LED connection Ground connection UIxx Gnd Vout Gnd Vout top view Topside marking: “UI” (PR4401) or “UJ” (PR4402) with a two-digit lot code Package SOT23-3 or COB on request © PREMA Semiconductor GmbH 2006-2008 Page 1/12 Rev 0908 Free Datasheet http:/// LED DRIVER PR4401/PR4402 Absolute Maximum Ratings (PR4401 and PR4402) Parameter VCC (no damage) Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection Min -0.3 -20 -55 2 Typ Max 8 85 150 Units V °C °C kV Electrical Characteristics Parameter Supply Volta [ … ]

PR4401 PDF File

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