OB3328 – High Performance CCFL Controller

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Part number : OB3328

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, High Performance CCFL Controller.

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Manufacturer : On-Bright

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OB3328 Datasheet PDF

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OB3328/OB3328N High Performance CCFL Controller General


The OB3328 is a unique, high-efficiency and highprecision Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) backlight co ntroller IC d edicated to full bridg e configuration. The controller i s de signed to drive single or multiple CCF Ls in Liquid Cryst al Display (LCD) applications. The OB332 8 convert s unre gulated DC input voltage to the pure sin usoidal voltage and cu rrent waveforms i n requi red freque ncy, to ignite and operate CCFL lamps. The OB332 8 provides a high deg ree of design flexibility by offering great program mability for key parameters which incl ude operating frequency, striking frequ ency, st riking time, bu rst dimming frequency, so ft-start time, and soft on/o ff time for burst dimming. The OB332 8 offers variab le dimming mode s and 1 selectable di mming pol arity . Both internal burs t and externa l low frequ ency PWM (LPWM) dimming methods are available for a wide range of dimming control (10% to 100%). Fu rthermore, analog dimmi ng is provide d thro ugh external DC input control to achi eve 40% to 100 % dimmin g range. The highly integrated OB3 328 provid es complet e protection fe atures covering IC un der voltage lockout (UVL O), output o ver voltage prote ction, and lamp fail safe function. Full Bridge The OB33 28 is available i n DIP-16, S OP-16 a nd TSSOP-16 Packages.


z z z z z z VIN ig ht C on Typical Application Circuit fid en t ia Applications z z z z Notebook computer LCD Monitor LCD TV LCD flat panel display for Instrument, automobile and handhold device 1 The OB3328 is with positive dimming polarity while its counter part OB3328N is in negative dimming polarity. lt o Bo z GND +5V Br 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 GA TE-P1 GA TE-N1 VDDA BF/DMOD ADIM DDIM ENA RT OB 3328 GA TE-N2 GA TE-P2 GND RI VS ST IME CMP/S ST CS 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ADIM O n- DDIM ENA Figure1: OB3328 Typical Application Schematic © On-Bright Electronics -1http://www.Datasheet [ … ]

OB3328 PDF File

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