NVP2170E – High End CCD Image Signal Processor

NVP2170E Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : NVP2170E

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, High End CCD Image Signal Processor.

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Manufacturer : Nextchip

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NVP2170E Datasheet PDF

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NVP2170E Data Sheet High End CCD Image Signal Processor Information contained here is subject to change without notice. Make sure to check and use an updated version of the Data sheet. www.nextchip.com 2010.06. REV 1.0 NVP2170E HIGH END CCD Image Signal Processor High end CCD Image Signal Processor NVP2170E is image signal processor(ISP) which outputs image as CVBS or S-Video after receiving color filter array(CFA) patterns from the color-interlaced CCD interface, which are processed through an internal encoder and DAC. Equipped with built-in MCU, NVP2170E can be provided OSD menu basically, which is enable to make up to 1024 letters as depending on user’s choice without extra MCU. To make CCD camera system be simplified NVP2170E is built-in timing generator(TG), and as further function there are 3D-NR to reduce the noise, Sense-Up function, Digital zoom for magnifying image without extra zoom lenses, privacy mask zone, motion detection, and etc.


-. Input : NTSC/PAL, 760H CCD format -. Output : NTSC/PAL analog S-Video or CVBS ITU-R.656 digital out (27MHz/28.6366MHz/28.375MHz) -. Programmable GAMMA processing -. H/V aperture -. Video adjustment (brightness, contrast, saturation and hue) -. High quality color processing -. H/V MIRROR -. On Screen Display (OSD) -. Blemish compensation(auto : 128 points / manual : 4 points) -. Color rolling / Breathing suppress. -. Supports horizontal resolution 560TV lines -. Privacy mask 8 zone -. Motion detection (detection area : 4 area) -. Digital Wide Dynamic Range expansion – Digital-Zoom – 3D-Noise Reducer On/Off – Support line lock external synchronization -. Sense-up (~x256) -. On-chip optical detector (AE/AWB/AF) -. On-chip CCD timing generator -. On-chip NTSC/PAL video encoder -. On-chip 2CH DACx2 (S-video or CVBS or IRIS) -. On-chip 1CH ADC(4CH MUX) -. Include MCU(63KB SRAM) -. Serial interface for AFE -. Serial Peripheral Interface(3-wire) -. 5.0V / 3.3V / 1.8 V operation Ordering Information Device NVP217 [ … ]

NVP2170E PDF File

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