NCR18650PF – Lithium ion battery

Part number : NCR18650PF

Functions : Lithium ion battery, This is Semiconductor.

Manufacturer : Panasonic

Image :

NCR18650PF Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

Lithium Ion NCR18650PF


& Benefits • High energy and power density • Long, stable, high power • High safety performance • Ideal for power assisted bicycles, 2-way radios, medical devices and robotics. * At temperatures below 10¡, charge at a 0.25C rate. Specifications Rated capacity(1) Min. 2700mAh Capacity(2) Min. 2750mAh Typ. 2900mAh Nominal voltage 3.6V Charging CC-CV, Std. 1375mA, 4.20V, 4.0 hrs Weight (max.) 48.0 g Temperature Energy density(3) Charge*: Discharge: Storage: Volumetric: Gravimetric: 0 to +45¢C -20 to +60¢C -20 to +50¢C 577 Wh/l 207 Wh/kg (1) At 20£C (2) At 25¤C (3) Energy density based on bare cell dimensions Dimensions Max. 18.5 mm *With tube (+) (–) For Reference Only Max. 65.3mm 6.5 mm Charge Characteristics Charge: CC-CV 0.5C (max) 4.20V, 100mA cut-off at 25 C Cycle Life Characteristics Charge: CC-CV 0.5 (max) 4.20V, 100mA cut-off at 25 C Discharge: CC 1C, 2.5V cut-off at 25 C Discharge Characteristics (by temperatu [ … ]

NCR18650PF PDF File

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