MXP4003CTS – 40V N-Channel MOSFET

MXP4003CTS Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : MXP4003CTS

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 40V N-Channel MOSFET.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : MaxPower Semiconductor

Image :

MXP4003CTS Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

40V N-Channel MOSFET MXP4003CTS Datasheet Applications:  Power Supply  DC-DC Converters


:  Lead Free  Low RDS(ON) to Minimize Conductive Loss  Low Gate Change for Fast Switching Application  Optimized BVDSS Capability Ordering Information Part Number Package MXP4003CTS TO220 Brand MXP VDSS 40 V RDS(ON) (Max) 3.0 mΩ IDa 260A Absolute Maximum Ratings Tc=25℃ unless otherwise specified Symbol Parameter Value Units VDS Drain-to-Source Voltage IDa Continuous Drain Current (TC=25℃) IDM Pulsed Drain Current @VG=10V 40 260 1040 V A Power Dissipation PD Derating Factor above 25℃ 300 W 2 W/℃ EAS Single Pulse Avalanche Energy (L=1mH) 1546 mJ TJ and TSTG Operating Junction and Storage Temperature Range -55 to 175 ℃ a. Calculated continuous current based upon maximum allowable junction temperature, +175℃. Package limitation current is 80A. OFF Characteristics TJ=25℃ unless otherwise specified Symbol Parameter BVDSS Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage IDSS Drain-to-Source Leakage Current Min 40 Typ Max Units Test Conditions V VGS=0V, ID=250µA 1 VDS=32V, VGS=0V µA 100 VDS=32V, VGS=0V TJ=125 ℃ ©MaxPower Semiconductor Inc. 1 MXP4003CTS Rev 1.0, Jan 2011 Gate-to-Source Forward IGSS Leakage Gate-to-Source Reverse Leakage ON Characteristics TJ=25℃ unless otherwise specified 100 VGS=+20V nA 100 VGS= -20V Symbol Parameter Min Typ Max Units Test Conditions RDS(ON) Static Drain-to-Source On-Resistance 2.7 3 mΩ VGS= 10V, ID=24A VGS(TH) Gate Threshold Voltage 2 4 V VDS=VGS, ID=250µA Dynamic Characteristics Essentially independent of operating temperature Symbol Parameter Min Ciss Input Capacitance Coss Output Capacitance Crss Reverse Transfer Capacitance Qg Total Gate Charge Qgs Gate-to-Source Charge Qgd Gate-to-Drain (“Miller”) Charge td(on) Turn-on Delay Time tr Rise Time td(off) Turn-off Delay Time tf Fall Time Typ 6144 2378 660 71 24 35 18 160 42 61 Max Units [ … ]


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