MT7838 – BUCK LED Driver

MT7838 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : MT7838

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, BUCK LED Driver.

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Manufacturer : Maxic Technology

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MT7838 Datasheet PDF

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Maximizing IC Performance MT7838 Non-Isolated, High PFC, BUCK LED Driver DESCRIPTION The MT7838 is a single-stage buck average constant current controller. With MAXIC proprietary control technique, the system with MT7838 can achieve both high current accuracy and power factor correction. MT7838 works in critical conduction mode (CRM) to reduce switching losses. The MT7838 can be powered up directly by the main-line voltage wit hout the need of start-up resistors, achieving an ult ra fast start-up time of less than 100ms. The MT7838 provides various protections, such as over current protection (OCP), over voltage protection (OVP ), short circuit protection (S CP) and over temperat ure protection (OTP ), etc, to maintain system reliability. FEATURES  Single-stage active power factor correction (PFC > 0.90)  Ultra-fast start-up time (<100mS )  High accurate LE D current  Critical conduction mode (CRM) operation  Up to 60 watt driving capability.  Various protection schemes.  Adjustable constant current and output power setting  Power-on soft-start  Compact package: SOP8 APPLICATIONS  E14/E27/PAR30/PAR38/GU10 LED lamp  T8/T10 LE D tube  Other LE D lighting applications Typical Application Circuit L XP1 N F1 D2 BR R3 C1 D1 L1 + R4 LED C4 - 4 VDD HV 8 R1 7 NC DRV 2 MT7838 5 DSEN CS 3 6 COMP GND 1 R2 C3 C2 M1 RS MT7838 Rev. 1.10 Copyright © 2013 Maxic Technology Corporation Page 1 Maximizing IC Performance MT7838 Non-Isolated, High PFC, BUCK LED Driver ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS VDD/ DRV Pins Voltage HV Pin Voltage COMP/CS/ DSEN Pins Voltage Lead Temperature (soldering, 10 sec.) Storage Temperat ure Junction Temperature (Tj) -0.3V to VDD Clamp -0.3V to 700V -0.3V to 5V 260°C -55°C to 150°C 150°C Recommended operating conditions Supply voltage Operating Temperature Thermal resistance① 7.2V to 24V -40°C to 105°C Junction to ambient (RθJA) 128°C/W PIN CONFIGURATIONS PIN DESCRIPT [ ... ]

MT7838 PDF File

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