MR-E-40A-QW003 – EZ Motion E Serial

MR-E-40A-QW003 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : MR-E-40A-QW003

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, EZ Motion E Serial.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : MITSUBISHI

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MR-E-40A-QW003 Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

MR-E Super S U P E R User-friendly servo with easy operation Reducing workload with high performance and Enhancing the system cost 1.High Performance High-accuracy positioning (Resolution per servo motor: 131072) ● High responsiveness ● 2.Easy To Use Connectors have been adapted for the servo amplifier terminal block, thereby reducing the time required for wiring. ● Connectors are located on the front of the servo amplifier, thereby connecting the cables easily. ● Gain settings can be performed easily by real-time auto-tuning function. ● 1 Vibration can be suppressed by the adaptive vibration suppression control function. ● Optimum tuning is possible with a personal computer and optional setup software (MR Configurator). ● 2 types of interface: · Pulse train interface for position control and internal speed control (MR-E-A-QW003) · Analog input interface for speed control and torque control (MR-E-AG-QW003) ● easy operation performance S U P E R 3.Global Standard Products ● ● Compatible with global standards. MR-E Super conforms to EN, UL and cUL standards. 2 EZ Motion E series S U P E R Extensive Applications Processing machines or machine tools • Grinding machines • Transfer machines • Loaders/unloaders • Wood working machines • Dedicated machines Y Food processing machines, packing machines or feeders • Pillow packing machines • Filling machines • Label printing, label attaching machines • Bag manufacturing machines • Press feeders • Roll feeders The IP65 rated motor can be used safely for food processing applications. Z X Various positioning can be completed easily with pulse trains. Textile machines • Weaving machines • Embroidery machines • Knitting machines • Winding machines • Stranding machines • Paper manufacturing machines Enhancing machine performance General-purpose inverter General-purpose [ … ]

MR-E-40A-QW003 PDF File

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