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Part number : MOC3053

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Global Supplier of Optoelec tronic Solutions.

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Manufacturer : ETC

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MOC3053 Datasheet PDF

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Glob a l Sup p lier of Op toelec tronic Solutions MOC3053 UL # E244343 Sc hem a tic : Fea tures: 1. Compact dual-in-line package 2. 600V peak blocking voltage 3. Isolation voltage between input and output (Viso:5000Vrms). For dimensions and pin-outs, see the last page of this document. Eq uiva lents: Ord ering : Suffix to Standard Part Number • • • • O MOC3051, 2 V = VDE Approved G = 10mm Lead Spread S = Surface Mount Lead-form T = Tape & Reel This p a rt e q ua ls/ exc e ed s a ll sp e c ific a tio ns of: Ab solute Ma xim um Ra tings: (Ta=25 °C) Parameter Input Forward current Peak forward current (100us) Reverse voltage Power dissipation Output Off-State Output Terminal voltage On-State R. M. S. Current Peak Repetitive Surget Current (PW=10ms, DC 10%) Power dissipation Total power dissipation Isolation voltage 1 minute Operating temperature Storage temperature Soldering temperature 10 second Symbol IF IFM VR PD VDRM IT(RMS) ITSM PD Ptot Viso Topr Tstg Tsol Rating 50 1 6 70 600 100 6 300 330 5000 -40 to +85 -50 to +125 260 Unit mA A V mW Vpeak mA A mW mW Vrms °C °C °C Elec tric al Chara c teristic s: (Ta=25 °C) Parameter Input I =10mA Forward voltage Peak forward voltage Reverse Leakage Current Output Transfer characteristics Peak Blocking Current ON-State Voltage Holding Current Critical rate of rise of OFF-state voltage Isolation resistance Minimum trigger current Tunr-on time Symbol VF VFM IR IDRM VTM IH dV/dt 2) *Rated Riso IFT Ton Conditions IFM=0.5A VR=4V VDRM=600V ITM=100mA MIN. TYP. 1.2 MAX. 1.4 3.5 10 100 Unit V V A nA V mA V/ S 1.6 1.0 2.8 VDRM= (1/ DC500V Main Terminal Voltage=3V VD=6V, RL=100 ohm, IF =20mA 600 5×1010 1011 5 100 ohm mA S ©COPYRIGHT 2004 OPTO INC. Telephone: 972-731-0573 Fax: 972-712-7756 Email: Glob a l Sup p lier of Op toelec tronic Solutions MOC3053 UL # E244343 Fig.1 Forward Current vs. Ambient Temperature Fig.2 Diode Power Dissipation vs. Ambient Temperature [ … ]

MOC3053 PDF File

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