M.NT68676.2A Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : M.NT68676.2A

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, MONITOR CONTROL BOARD.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : ETC

Image :

M.NT68676.2A Datasheet PDF

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MONITOR CONTROL BOARD SPECIFICATION MODEL: M.NT68676.2A Part Number:NT-13050927 Rev:A2 AUTHOR: 2013.01.09 20:41:17 +08’00’ CHECKED BY: 2013.01.0 9 21:48:14 RECHECKED BY: +08’00’ 2013.01.1 1 08:51:34 PUBLISHED DATE: 2013-05+-008’900′ The information in the specification is subject to change without notice. 广州视源电子科技股份有限公司 Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronics Co.,Ltd. CONTENT ITEM 1.GENERAL DESCRIPTION 2.FUNCTION LAYOUT 3.FEATURES 4.PCB DIMENSIONS 5.INTERFACE DEFINITION 6.CONFIGURATION & GENERAL PRECAUTIONS M.NT68676.2A-SPECIFICATION PAGE 2 2 3 4 5 8 REVISION HISTORY VERSION DATE A0 2011.12.27 A1 2013.01.08 A2 2013.05.09 BOARD ID M.NT68676.2A 11486 M.NT68676.2A 12516 M.NT68676.2A 12516 PAGE DESCRIPTION All First issued. 2,3,5, Modify the board picture in part2; Modify the Electrical Characteristics in part3; Modify the Schematic Of IR & KEY Board in part5; Modify the Interface Definition in part6; 3 Modify the features in part 3 AUTHOR Linda Miki Lily QR-ZZPJ-017 1/8 广州视源电子科技股份有限公司 Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronics Co.,Ltd. 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION M.NT68676.2A-SPECIFICATION M.NT68676.2A is a monitor control board, which is suitable for Asia-Pacific market. It can support LED/LCD panels which resolution is up to 2048×1152. M.NT68676.2A can synchronize with computer automatically. Synchronization requires the synchronous signal which horizontal and vertical sync are separated. M.NT68676.2A can support dynamic contrast control, headphone input and Digital volume control simultaneously. 2. FUNCTION LAYOUT The picture is for a reference only, the actual item is the standard. The optional connectors and terminals are marked with “*”. TOP VIEW OF M.NT68676.2A CN5: Inverter *CN10: IR Interface *CN3: Power Supply CN11: Key Interface CN25: LVDS Interface *CN13: LVDS Interface *CN23: LVDS Interface CN20: Speaker FRONT VIEW OF M.NT68676.2A DC Power Supply HDMI In DVI In PC-RGB PC I [ … ]

M.NT68676.2A PDF File

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