MM4001 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : MM4001

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, RTD INPUT TRANSMITTERS.

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Manufacturer : WICI

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MM4001 Datasheet PDF

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CALIBRATION The MM4001 modules are shipped precalibrated, if there is a need to recalibrate, proceed as follows: Refer to the instrument’s label to determine your instrument’s supply voltage and input and output ranges. Refer to the “Block Diagram and Pin Connections” for pin connections. Connect a precision decade resistance, potentiometer or RTD simulator to the input. To avoid errors due to the resistances of the connection wires, use a three-wire connection as shown in the “Block Diagram and Pin Connections”. Connect a precision DC voltage or current meter to the output. Set the input resistance to the low end of the input range and adjust the ZERO control for the low-end output voltage or current. Increase the input resistance to full scale and adjust the SPAN control for the full-scale output. Repeat until both readings are correct. MOUNTING The module is designed to plug into a standard 8 pin relay socket. (MP008) is a molded plastic socket that can be mounted on a flat surface or snapped into 2¾ inch wide PVC track (TRK 48). A spring hold-down clip (CLP1) is available for installations where vibration may be a problem. A DIN-rail mounted socket (DMP008) is available for 35mm symmetrical rail. A Killark HK Series explosion-proof housing with dome and 8-pin socket is available(HKB-HK2D-8). MM4001 & MM4001ISO RTD INPUT TRANSMITTERS WARRANTY The Mighty Module Series of products carry a limited warranty of 10 + 5 years. In the event of a failure due to defective material or workmanship, during the 10 year period, the unit will be repaired or replaced at no charge. For a period of 5 years after the initial 10 year warranty, the unit will be repaired, if possible, for a cost of 10 % of the original purchase price. DESCRIPTION The MM4001 modules are used to provide an output voltage or current proportional to an RTD input signal. It is useful in measuring temperatures with a variety of RTD materials. OPTIONS The following options are available on the MM400 [ … ]

MM4001 PDF File

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