MI408 – Measuring Transducer

MI408 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : MI408

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Measuring Transducer.

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Manufacturer : Iskra

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MI408 Datasheet PDF

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MI408 Measuring transducer for AC current FEATURES • • • • • Measuring of AC current Low power consumption Accuracy class: 0.5 Self – powered Housing for DIN rail mounting Picture 2: Measuring transducer for AC current MI408 APPLICATION Measuring transducer MI408 converts sinusoidal AC current signal into proportional DC current signal. The analogue output signal is appropriate for regulation of analog and digital devices, computer inputs, processing and electroenergetic systems, etc. TECHNICAL DATA INPUT: • Input current, IN (meas. range end value): Measuring range limit values 01 A to 07.5 A • Nominal frequency fN: 50/60 Hz • Frequency range: 4565 Hz • Own consumption: < 2 VA • Overload capacity: according to EN 60688: 1992 Measured Number of quantity applications (IN) 1.2 x IN 20 x IN  5 Duration of one application continuously 1s Interval between two successive applications  300 s LAYOUT AND MODE OF OPERATION According to the block diagram (Picture 1), the transformer (A) serves for the galvanic separation between measuring input and signal output as well as adaptation of the input signal to the rectifier unit (B). In the low – pass filter (C) a signal proportional to the input level will be achieved. Table 2: Overload capacity Picture 1: Block diagram STANDARD VERSIONS The following transducer versions are available as standard versions (Table 1). Input current (IN) 1A 5A Nominal frequency (fN) 50/60 Hz Output signal (0IOutN) 05 mA 010 mA 020 mA Table 1: Standard versions of MI406 Maximal external resistance (RBmax) 3 kΩ 1.5 kΩ 750 Ω ANALOG OUTPUT: • Current output, IOutN (out. range end value): Output range values 05 mA, 010 mA or 020 mA • Burden voltage: 15 V 15V • External resistance: RBmax.[kΩ]= IOutN [mA] • Response time: < 300 ms • Residual ripple: < 1 % p.p. ACCURACY: • Reference value: Input end value • Accuracy class: 0.5 Reference conditions: [ ... ]

MI408 PDF File

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