MHPM6B10A60D – Hybrid Power Module

MHPM6B10A60D Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : MHPM6B10A60D

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Hybrid Power Module.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Motorola

Image :

MHPM6B10A60D Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

MOTOROLA SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNICAL DATA Order this document by MHPM6B10A60D/D Preliminary Data Sheet Integrated Power Stage for 230 VAC Motor Drives Hybrid Power Module These modules integrate a 3–phase inverter in a single convenient package. They are designed for 1.0 and 2.0 hp motor drive applications. The inverter incorporates advanced insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) matched with free–wheeling diodes to give optimum performance. The top connector pins are designed for easy interfacing to the user’s control board. • Short Circuit Rated 10 µs @ 125°C • Pin-to-Baseplate Isolation Exceeds 2500 Vac (rms) • Compact Package Outline • Access to Positive and Negative DC Bus • UL Recognized MHPM6B10A60D MHPM6B20A60D Motorola Preferred Devices 10, 20 AMP, 600 V HYBRID POWER MODULES PRELIMINARY MAXIMUM DEVICE RATINGS (TJ = 25°C unless otherwise noted) Rating IGBT Reverse Voltage Gate-Emitter Voltage Continuous IGBT Collector Current Peak Repetitive IGBT Collector Current (1) Continuous Diode Current Peak Repetitive Diode Current (1) IGBT Power Dissipation (TC = 25°C) Diode Power Dissipation (TC = 25°C) IGBT Power Dissipation (TC = 95°C) Diode Power Dissipation (TC = 95°C) Junction Temperature Range Short Circuit Duration (VCC = 300 V, TJ = 125°C) Isolation Voltage Operating Case Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Mounting Torque — Heat Sink Mounting Holes (#8 or M4 screws) (1) 1.0 ms = 1.0% duty cycle This document contains information on a product under development. Motorola reserves the right to change or discontinue this product without notice. Preferred devices are Motorola recommended choices for future use and best overall value. Symbol VCES VGES 10A60 20A60 10A60 20A60 10A60 20A60 10A60 20A60 10A60 20A60 10A60 20A60 10A60 20A60 10A60 20A60 ICmax IC(pk) IFmax IF(pk) PD PD PD PD TJ tsc VISO TC Tstg — Value 600 ± 20 10 20 20 40 10 20 20 40 52 78 19 38 23 34 8.3 17 – 40 to +150 10 2500 – 40 to +95 – 40 to +125 [ … ]


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