MGA-30989 – High Linearity Gain Block

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Part number : MGA-30989

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, High Linearity Gain Block.

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Manufacturer : AVAGO

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MGA-30989 Datasheet PDF

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MGA-30989 2 – 6GHz, High Linearity Gain Block Data Sheet


Avago Technologies’ MGA-30989 is a broadband, high linearity gain block MMIC amplifier achieved through the use of Avago Technologies’ proprietary 0.25um GaAs Enhancement-mode pHEMT process. The device required simple dc biasing components to achieve wide bandwidth performance. The temperature compensated internal bias circuit provides stable current over temperature and process threshold voltage variation. The MGA-30989 is housed inside a low cost RoHS compliant SOT89 industry standard SMT package (4.5 x 4.1 x 1.5 mm). Component Image 9GX #1 #2 #3 RFin GND RFout Top View #3 #2 #1 RFout GND RFin Bottom View Notes: Package marking provides orientation and identification “9G”= Device Code “X” = Month of Manufacture Attention: Observe precautions for handling electrostatic sensitive devices. ESD Machine Model = 50 V ESD Human Body Model = 1000 V Refer to Avago Application Note A004R: Electrostatic Discharge, Damage and Control.


x High linearity x Built in temperature compensated internal bias circuitry x No RF matching components required x GaAs E-pHEMT Technology[1] x Standard SOT89 package x Single, Fixed 5V supply x Excellent uniformity in product specifications x MSL-1 and Lead-free halogen free x High MTTF for base station application Specifications 3.5GHz, 5V, 51mA (typical) x 12 dB Gain x 36.8 dBm Output IP3 x 2 dB Noise Figure x 23.6 dBm Output Power at 1dB gain compression 5GHz, 5V, 51mA (typical) x 9.6 dB Gain x 38.4 dBm Output IP3 x 1.65 dB Noise Figure x 23.8 dBm Output Power at 1dB gain compression Applications x IF amplifier, RF driver amplifier x General purpose gain block Note: 1. Enhancement mode technology employs positive gate voltage, thereby eliminating the need of negative gate voltage associated with conventional depletion mode devices. Absolute Maximum Rating[1] TA=25°C Symbol Vdd,max Pin,max Pdiss Tj,MAX TSTG Parameter Device Voltage, RF o [ … ]

MGA-30989 PDF File

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