MC1372 – Color TV Video Modulator

MC1372 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : MC1372

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Color TV Video Modulator.

Pin arrangement :

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Manufacturer : Motorola

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MC1372 Datasheet PDF

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® MOTOROLA MC1372 COLOR TV VIDEO MODULATOR … an mtegrated circuit used to generate an RF TV signal from baseband color-difference and luminance signals. The MC1372 contains a chroma subcamer oscillator, a lead and COLOR TV VIDEO MODULATOR CIRCUIT SILICON MONOLITHIC INTEGRATED CIRCUIT lag network, a quasi-quadrature suppressed carrier DSB chroma modulator, an RF oscillator and modulator, and an LSTTL compatrble clock driver with adjustable duty cycle. The MC1372 is a companion part to the MC6847 Video Display Generator, providmg and accepting the correct de interconnection levels. This device may also be used as a general-purpose modulator wtth a variety of vtdeo signal generating devices such as video games, test equipment, video tape recorders, etc. • • .~ ‘~~ ~ ~ ~ Duty P SUFFIX PLASTIC PACKAGE CASE 646-05 Single 5.0 Vdc Supply Operation for NMOS and TTL Compatibility Minimal External Components Pin Connections • • • • Compatible with MC6847 Video Display Generator Sound Carrier Addition Capability Modulates Channel 3 or 4 Carrier with Encoded Vrdeo Signal • • • • Low Power Dissipation Linear Chroma Modulators for High Versatrlity Composrte Vrdeo Signal Generation Capability Ground-Referenced Video Prevents Overmodulation Chromtnance input Lum1nance Input ChrorT;a 1’0odu!ator Output FIGURE 1- BLOCK DIAGRAM RF Color 8 Input Lum1flance 1npi..-t Modulator Output Oscillator Input Chrorninance 1nput e, 41r–+-t-D Clock Output Modulator Outpu”t 4 Grouna Duty Cycle Adjust Color A Color Reference Input RF Tank Input 3-3 http:// MC1372 MAXIMUM RATINGS IT A= 25°C unless otherwise Rating Supply Voltage Qperatmg Ambient Temperature Range notedl Value 8.0 0 to +70 -65 to +150 150 1.25 13 Unit Vdc oc Storage Temperature Range Junction Temperature Power Dissipation, Package oc oc Watts mW/°C Derate above 25°C RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS Supply Voltage 5.0 1.0 0.35 1.5 1.0 to 2. [ … ]

MC1372 PDF File

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