MB95F223K – 8-bit Microcontroller

MB95F223K Information is available here.

Part Number : MB95F223K

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, 8-bit Microcontroller.

Pinouts :

Package :

Manufacturer : Fujitsu Media Devices

Image :

MB95F223K データシート

Some text files in PDF file :

FUJITSU MICROELECTRONICS DATA SHEET DS07-12626-2E 8-bit Microcontroller CMOS F2MC-8FX MB95220H Series MB95F222H/F223H MB95F222K/F223K ■ DESCRIPTION MB95220H are a series of general-purpose, single-chip microcontrollers. In addition to a compact instruction set, the microcontrollers of these series contain a variety of peripheral resources. Note: F2MC is the abbreviation of FUJITSU Flexible Microcontroller. ■ FEATURES • F2MC-8FX CPU core Instruction set optimized for controllers • Multiplication and division instructions • 16-bit arithmetic operations • Bit test branch instructions • Bit manipulation instructions, etc. • Clock • Selectable main clock source External clock (up to 32.5 MHz, maximum machine clock frequency: 16.25 MHz) Main internal CR clock (1/8/10 MHz ±3%, maximum machine clock frequency: 10 MHz) • Selectable subclock source External clock (32.768 kHz) Sub-internal CR clock (typ: 100 kHz, min: 50 kHz, max: 200 kHz) • Timer • 8/16-bit composite timer • Timebase timer • Watch prescaler • LIN-UART (MB95F222H/F222K/F223H/F223K) • Full duplex double buffer • Capable of clock-synchronized serial data transfer and clock-asynchronized serial data transfer (Continued) Copyright©2008-2009 FUJITSU MICROELECTRONICS LIMITED All rights reserved 2009.6 MB95220H Series (Continued) • External interrupt • Interrupt by edge detection (rising edge, falling edge, and both edges can be selected) • Can be used to wake up the device from different low power consumption (standby) modes • 8/10-bit A/D converter • 8-bit or 10-bit resolution can be selected. • Low power consumption (standby) modes • Stop mode • Sleep mode • Watch mode • Timebase timer mode • I/O port (max: 13) (MB95F222K/F223K) • General-purpose I/O ports (max): CMOS I/O: 11, N-ch open drain: 2 • I/O port (max: 12) (MB95F222H/F223H) • General-purpose I/O ports (max): CMOS I/O: 11, N-ch open drain: 1 • On-chip debug • 1-wire serial control [ … ]

MB95F223K PDF File

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