MB90F345AS – 16-bit Proprietary Microcontroller CMOS

MB90F345AS Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : MB90F345AS

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 16-bit Proprietary Microcontroller CMOS.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Fujitsu Media Devices

Image :

MB90F345AS Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTOR DATA SHEET DS07-13730-3E 16-bit Proprietary Microcontroller CMOS F2MC-16LX MB90340 Series MB90F342A(S), MB90F342CA(S), MB90F343A(S), MB90F343CA(S), MB90F345A(S), MB90F345CA(S), MB90F346A(S), MB90F346CA(S), MB90F347A(S), MB90F347CA(S), MB90F349A(S), MB90F349CA(S), MB90341A(S), MB90341CA(S), MB90342A(S), MB90342CA(S), MB90346A(S), MB90346CA(S), MB90347A(S), MB90347CA(S), MB90348A(S), MB90348CA(S), MB90349A(S), MB90349CA(S), MB90V340A-101/102 s DESCRIPTION The MB90340-series with up to 2 FULL-CAN* interfaces and FLASH ROM is especially designed for automotive and other industrial applications. Its main feature are the on-board CAN Interfaces, which conform to V2.0 Part A and Part B, while supporting a very flexible message buffer scheme and so offering more functions than a normal full CAN approach. With the new 0.35 µm CMOS technology, Fujitsu now offers on-chip FLASH-ROM program memory up to 512 Kbytes. The power supply (3 V) is supplied to the internal MCU core from an internal regulator circuit. This creates a major advantage in terms of EMI and power consumption. The internal PLL clock frequency multiplier provides an internal 42 ns instruction cycle time from an external 4 MHz clock. The unit features an 8 channel Output Compare Unit and 8 channel Input Capture Unit with 2 separate 16-bit free running timers. 4 UARTs constitute additional functionality for communication purposes. * : Controller Area Network (CAN) – License of Robert Bosch GmbH Note : F2MC stands for FUJITSU Flexible Microcontroller, a registered trademark of FUJITSU LIMITED. s PACKAGES 100-pin Plastic QFP 100-pin Plastic LQFP (FPT-100P-M06) (FPT-100P-M05) MB90340 Series s FEATURES • Clock • Built-in PLL clock frequency multiplication circuit • Selection of machine clocks (PLL clocks) is allowed among frequency division by two on oscillation clock, and multiplication of 1 to 6 times of oscillation clock (for 4 MHz oscillation clock, 4 MHz t [ … ]

MB90F345AS PDF File

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