MA3810 – Power Switching Regulators

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Part number : MA3810

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Power Switching Regulators.

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Manufacturer : Shindengen Electric Mfg.Co.Ltd

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MA3810 Datasheet PDF

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SHINDENGEN Power Switching Regulators MA3000 Series MA3810 OUTLINE DIMENSIONS Case : MA7 Unit : mm RATINGS ●Absolute Maximum Ratings Item Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Junction Temperature Peak Input Voltage Input Current Maximum Power Dissipation Dielectric Strength Insulation Resistance Max Voltage ④ to ⑦ Max Current ⑥ to ④ Max Current ⑤ to ④ Symbol Tstg Top Tj Vin Iin PD PD Vdis V④・⑦ I⑥・④ I⑤・④ Conditions Ratings -30~125 -20~125 150 850 2 4 3 14 2 100 6 100 500 Ratings MAX 100 11~22 MAX 1.0 MIN 1.7 MAX 2.3 MAX 3.5 Unit ℃ ℃ ℃ V A A W W kV MΩ V mA mA ②+,④-,Fig.1 is Measurement Circuit of Peak Input Voltage Vin and Collector Cutoff Current ICEX. DC ②+,④Pulse ②+,④- Pulse Width 150μs MAX, Duty1/2, Sawtooth Wave, Peak Value. Ta=25℃ Heatsink Tc=100℃ Terminals To Case AC 1 min Terminals To Case 500VDC ④+,⑦⑥+,④-  (Peak)Duty Max 3/5 ⑤+,④-  (Q2 Collector Current) ●Electrical Characteristics (Tc=25℃) Symbol Item Collector Cutoff Current Conditions VCE=850V,Fig.1 is Measurement Circuit of Peak Input Voltage Vin and Collector Cutoff Current ICEX. , ②+,④- Unit μA V V V ℃/W Q1 DC Current Gain Collector to Emitter Saturation Voltage Driving Saturation Voltage Thermal Resistance ICEX hFE VCE = 5V, IC = 1.0A, ②+,④-,⑤IB VCE(sat) IC=1.0A, IB=0.2A, ②+,④-,⑤IB VD(sat) θjc IC=1.5A, IB=0.2A, ②+,④-,⑤IB Junction to Case Copyright & Copy;2000 Shindengen Electric Mfg.Co.Ltd MA3810 ●Standard Operating Condition・Design Standard For Application Circuit Item Input Rated Voltage Output Nominal Wattage Output Nominal Voltage Output Nominal Current Conditions Ratings AC175~276 40 12 3.3 Ratings MAX 175 Unit V W V A ●Standard Operating Condition・Standard Operating Characteristics (Ta=25℃) Item Conditions IO=3.3A, 10.5V≦VO≦12.6V AC Input Voltage Vin=180V, IO=3.3A Minimum Input Full Load Output Voltage Vin=276V, IO=0. [ … ]

MA3810 PDF File

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