M82C54-2 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : M82C54-2

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, CMOS PROGRAMMABLE INTERVAL TIMER.

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Manufacturer : OKI electronic

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M82C54-2 Datasheet PDF

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E2O0019-27-X2 ¡ Semiconductor MSM82C54-2RS/GS/JS ¡ Semiconductor CMOS PROGRAMMABLE INTERVAL TIMER This version: Jan. 1998 MSM82C54-2RS/GS/JS Previous version: Aug. 1996 GENERAL DESCRIPTION The MSM82C54-2RS/GS/JS is a programmable universal timer designed for use in microcomputer systems. Based on silicon gate CMOS technology, it requires a standby current of only 10 mA (max.) when the chip is in the non-selected state. And during timer operation, the power consumption is still very low with only 10mA (max.) of current required. It consists of three independent counters, and can count up to a maximum of 10 MHz. The timer features six different counter modes, and binary count/BCD count functions. Count values can be set in byte or word units, and all functions are freely programmable. FEATURES • Maximum operating frequency of 10 MHz (VCC=5 V) • High speed and low power consumption achieved by silicon gate CMOS technology • Completely static operation • Three independent 16-bit down-counters • Status Read Back Command • Six counter modes available for each counter • Binary and decimal counting possible • 24-pin Plastic DIP (DIP24-P-600-2.54): (Product name: MSM82C54-2RS) • 28-pin Plastic QFJ (QFJ28-P-S450-1.27): (Product name: MSM82C54-2JS) • 32-pin Plastic SSOP (SSOP32-P-430-1.00-K): (Product name: MSM82C54-2GS-K) 1/23 ¡ Semiconductor MSM82C54-2RS/GS/JS FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM VCC GND 8 D7 – D0 Data Bus Buffer Counter #0 CLK0 GATE0 OUT0 8 WR RD A0 A1 CS Read/ Write Logic Counter #1 CLK1 GATE1 OUT1 Control Word Register Counter #2 CLK2 GATE2 OUT2 Internal Bus 2/23 ¡ Semiconductor MSM82C54-2RS/GS/JS PIN CONFIGURATION (TOP VIEW) 24 pin Plastic DIP D7 1 D6 2 D5 3 D4 4 D3 5 D2 6 D1 7 D0 8 CLK0 9 OUT0 10 GATE0 11 GND 12 24 Vcc 23 WR 22 RD 21 CS 20 A1 19 A0 18 CLK2 17 OUT2 16 GATE2 15 CLK1 14 GATE1 13 OUT1 32 pin Plastic SSOP NC D7 D6 D5 NC D4 D3 D2 D1 D0 CLK0 NC OUT0 GATE0 GND NC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 [ … ]

M82C54-2 PDF File

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