M62580P – High Speed High Voltage OP Amp

M62580P Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : M62580P

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, High Speed High Voltage OP Amp.

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Manufacturer : Mitsubishi Electric

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M62580P Datasheet PDF

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MITSUBISHI[Standard Linear IC] M62580P High speed High voltage OP. Amp. Notice: This is not a final specification. Some parametric limits are subject to change. DESCRIPTION M62580P is a semiconductor integrated circuit designed for capacitive load drive that operates at single power supply. M62580P features high voltage operation with fixed voltage gain (18.00V/V) and built-in pre-amplifier with high slew rate. For output, AB class Amp. can be structured by connecting 2 emitter outputs, also featuring distinctive chracteristics for high current load. PIN CONFIGURATION(TOP VIEW) FB NC VIN GND1 GND2 CPO NC NC Outline 16P4 VCC1 GND4 NC NPNB GND3 VCC2 NC PNPB FEATURES *High voltage Vcc=42V(typ.) *High slew rate–35V/us(typ.) *High current(Io: peak current)—±120mA(min.) *Gain18.00V/V(typ.) *Output voltage range–VOL=0.8V(typ.), Vcc-VOH=0.8V(typ.) APPLICATION *For capacitive load drive, etc. DataSheet DataShee BLOCK DIAGRAM Vcc1 NC Vcc2 16 14 11 VIN 3 1 + – B+ 13 NPNB FB B+ 9 10 PNPB NC NC NC NC 2 7 8 12 GND3 4 GND1 6 CPO 5 GND2 15 GND4 DataSheet ( 1 /6) 991201 DataSheet DataSheet 4 U .com MITSUBISHI[Standard Linear IC] M62580P High speed High voltage OP. Amp. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol Vcc Io VIN Pd Kq Topr Tstg Parameter Supply voltage Output current Input voltage Power dissipation Thermal derating Operating temperature Storage temperature (Ta=25ºC unless otherwise noted.) Conditions peak current Ta=25ºC Ta>25ºC Ratings 50 ±150 0.0~ 3.0 2.5 20 -20 ~ 75 -40 ~ 150 Unit V mA V W mW/ºC ºC ºC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Symbol Parameter (Ta=25ºC.Vcc1=Vcc2=42V unless otherwise noted.) Test conditions Limits Typ. Max. 22.00 28.60 1.44 1.72 -0.5 18.00 19.80 1.1 0.8 1.1 0.8 35 -120 Unit mA V µA V/V V V V/µs mA mA Remarks et Circuit current Icc Offset voltage V OFF Input bias current I IB Voltage [ … ]

M62580P PDF File

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