M5218 – ADPCM Voice Analysis/Synthesis IC

M5218 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : M5218

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, ADPCM Voice Analysis/Synthesis IC.

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Manufacturer : OKI electronic componets

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M5218 Datasheet PDF

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¡ Semiconductor ¡ Semiconductor MSM5218 ADPCM Voice Analysis/Synthesis IC MSM5218 GENERAL DESCRIPTION The MSM5218 is a complete voice analysis/synthesis IC featuring the Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM) method of data compression. The MSM5218 contains an analysis stage where serial PCM data is compressed to 3- or 4-bit parallel ADPCM data. In addition, a synthesis stage synthesizes PCM data from ADPCM data. FEATURES • ADPCM data compatible with OKI’s synthesis IC MSM5205 • Analysis/synthesis switching pin provided • Lower power consumption achieved by one-chip CMOS IC • Built-in 10-bit D/A converter for analog output • Variable sampling frequency (4 kHz, 6 kHz, 8 kHz) • Master clock frequency: 384 kHz • Package: 24-pin plastic DIP (DIP24-P-600) (Product name: MSM5218RS) BLOCK DIAGRAM VDD BIN/TOC 12-bit S•R f SI SICK ADSI SCON XT XT S1 S2 VCK RESET T1 T2 VSS DAS 10 ADPCM Synthesizer 12 12-bit S•R SOCK 10-bit DAC DAOUT MSB/SO 12 ADPCM Analyzer 4B/3B ANA/SYN D3 D2 D1 D0 OSC Timing Circuit MSM5218 ¡ Semiconductor PIN CONFIGURATION (TOP VIEW) VCK 1 D0 2 D1 3 D2 4 D3 5 ANA/SYN 6 4B/3B 7 S1 8 S2 9 SICK 10 ADSI 11 VSS 12 24 V DD 23 XT 22 XT 21 RESET 20 BIN/TOC 19 MSB/SO 18 DAOUT 17 T2 16 T1 15 DAS 14 SOCK 13 SCON 24-Pin Plastic DIP Note: The product name actually printed on the product is “M5218”. ¡ Semiconductor MSM5218 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Parameter Power Supply Voltage Input Voltage Power Dissipation Storage Temperature Symbol VDD VIN PD TSTG Condition Ta = 25°C Ta = 25°C Ta = 25°C — Rating –3.0 to +7.0 –3.0 to VDD 200 max –55 ~ +150 Unit V V mW °C RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS Parameter Power Supply Voltage Operating Temperature Oscillator Frequency Symbol VDD TOP fOSC Condition — — Specified Oscillator Range +3 to +6 –30 to +70 386 to 768 Unit V °C kHz ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS DC Characteristics (VDD = 5V±5%, Ta = –30°C to +70°C, Ta =25°C typically) Parameter Input High Voltage [ … ]

M5218 PDF File

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