LY9528 – Current mode PWM controller

LY9528 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : LY9528

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Current mode PWM controller.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Strong Link Electronics

Image :

LY9528 Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

, Ko ng ,.L Shen Zhen Strong Link Electronics c( Ho LY9523/LY9525/LY9526/LY9527/LY9528 ng (H o GENERAL DESCRIPTION nic tro controller MOSFET. with integr ated hig h voltag e po wer gK ,.L t combines a dedicate d curre nt mode PW M on d. Co g) DIP8-300-2.54 LY952 3/LY 952 5/LY95 26/LY95 27 /LY9528 g) Co ,.L LY9523/LY9525/LY9526/LY9527/LY9528 Ko n td. Current mode PWM controller with integrated high voltage power MOSFET ec El design wit h LY952 3/ LY952 5/LY 952 6/LY95 27/ LY95 28 . the IC operates in Extend ed gK on nic tro ‘burst mod e’ to minimize switching loss. Low er standb y po we r and hi gh er (H El ike Ma tro Soft Start with 4mS,LY9523/LY 9 525/LY9 52 6/LY952 7/ LY952 8 offers complete gK Excellent EMI perfor mance is achieve d wi th prop riet ary fre qu e ncy hufflin g echniqu e. nic on frequ ency is 65KHz. g) n DIP-8 LY952 3/L Y 952 5/LY95 26/LY95 27 /LY9528 o perat es in the fixed P WM freque ncy ,the ec conve rsion efficiency is thus achieved. Co on on ,.L nic g) 1/7 http:// Ma ik package. FEATURES z z z z z eE lec Integrate d high volta ge po wer MOSFET Low Vcc Startup Cu r rent( 5 μ A) tro o,. Ltd . Ma ik Frequ ency shuffling for EMI z z z z UVLO an d Auto Self- Recover y Soft Start with 4mS Burst Mode ,.L td. LY-DOC952X REV:2.1 Feb..2011 on td. aik eE lec g) Co z OTP Maike Electronic (HK) Co,.Ltd. tro Cycle- by- Cycle Ove r-curr ent limiting Ma ik eE lec )C (H on Ove r curre nt Protection(O CP),o ver voltag e Protection(OVP) tro nic “No Y-CAP ”system design in sub 20 W ra nge (H gK on nic protection (OCP).L eE Y9 523/L Y9 52 5/L Y952 6/ LY952 7/L Y 952 8 is offered i (H clamp and unde r volt age lockou t (UVLO), ove r volta ge pr otection(O LP),o ver cur ren t lec protection cover age with autom atic self-reco ver y fea ture includ ing Vcc over volta ge Co on td. current co ntribute to a reliable pow er on [ … ]

LY9528 PDF File

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