LM7812K – Voltage Regulator

LM7812K Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : LM7812K

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Voltage Regulator.

Pin arrangement :

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Manufacturer : Wing Shing Computer Components

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LM7812K Datasheet PDF

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LM7812K Voltage Regulators


˙Output current in excess of 1A ˙Internal thermal overload protection ˙No external components required ˙Output transistor sate area protection ˙Internal short circuit current limit ˙Available in the alumnum TO-3 package TO-3 PINOUTS 1.INPUT 2.OUTPUT 3.GND Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameters Input Voltage Power Dissipation Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range SYMPOL VIN PD Values MIN MAX 35 15 -20 80 -55 150 UNITS V W ℃ ℃ ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Parameter and Conditons Output Voltage VIN = 14.5-27V Io = 5mA-1.0A PD〈= 15W Line Regulation VIN = 14.5-30V Io = 500mA Load Regulation Io = 5mA-1.5A VIN = 19V Input Voltage Ripple Rejection f = 100Hz VIN = 12V Io = 100mA VIPP = 4V Maxium Output Current Average TC of VOUT Io = 5mA Tj = 0-125℃ Output Noise Voltage f = 10Hz-100kHz MIN 11.4 Values TYP 12 MAX 12.6 UNIT V 160 mV 120 mV 14.5 35 V 62 dB 1.5 -0.3 A mV/℃ 40 µV Wing Shing Computer Components Co., (H.K.)Ltd. Homepage: http://www.wingshing.com Tel:(852)2341 9276 Fax:(852)2797 8153 E-mail: wsccltd@hkstar.com [ … ]

LM7812K PDF File

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