LM2406 – Monolithic Triple 9 ns CRT Driver

LM2406 Information is available here.

Part Number : LM2406

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, Monolithic Triple 9 ns CRT Driver.

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Manufacturer : National Semiconductor

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LM2406 データシート

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LM2406 Monolithic 9 ns Triple CRT Driver June 1995 LM2406 Monolithic Triple 9 ns CRT Driver General


The LM2406 is an integrated high voltage CRT driver circuit designed for use in color monitor applications The IC contains three high input impedance wide band amplifiers which directly drive the RGB cathodes of a CRT The gain of each channel is internally set at b14 5 and can drive CRT capacitive loads as well as resistive loads presented by other applications limited only by the package’s power dissipation The IC is packaged in an industry standard 11 lead TO-220 molded plastic power package See thermal considerations on page 4


Y Y Y Y Y Output swing capability 50 VPP for VCC e 80 40 VPP for VCC e 70 30 VPP for VCC e 60 Pinout designed for easy PCB layout 1V to 7V input range Stable with 0 pF – 20 pF capacitive loads Convenient TO-220 staggered lead style package Applications Y Y CRT driver for 1024 x 768 (Non-interlaced) and SVGA display resolution color monitors Pixel clock frequency up to 80 MHz Schematic and Connection Diagrams TL H 12327 – 2 Note Tab is at GND Top View TL H 12327 – 1 FIGURE 1 Simplified Schematic Diagram (One Channel) C1995 National Semiconductor Corporation TL H 12327 RRD-B30M115 Printed in U S A Absolute Maximum Ratings (Notes 1 Supply Voltage VCC Bias Voltage VBIAS 3) Operating Range (Note 2) a 8V to a 15V a 1V to a 7V VIN b 20 C to a 100 C Case Temperature TCASE Do not operate the part without a heat sink a 95V a 16V VCC VBIAS a 60V to a 85V b 0 5V to VBIAS a 0 5V Input Voltage VIN b 65 C to a 150 C Storage Temperature Range TSTG Lead Temperature (Soldering k10 sec ) 300 C ESD Tolerance 2 kV Electrical Characteristics Unless otherwise noted VCC e a 80V VBIAS e a 12V VIN e a 3 3V CL e 8 pF Output e 40 VPP at 1 MHz TA e 25 C Symbol ICC VOUT tR tF AV LE D AV Parameter Supply Current (Per Channel) Output Voltage Rise Time Fall Time Voltage Gain Linearity Error Gain Matching (Note 4) (Note 5) C [ … ]

LM2406 PDF File

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