LD7531A – Green-Mode PWM Controller

LD7531A Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : LD7531A

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Green-Mode PWM Controller.

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Manufacturer : Leadtrend Technology

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LD7531A Datasheet PDF

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LD7531A 7/6/2009 Green-Mode PWM Controller with Frequency Trembling and Integrated Protections REV: 00 General


The LD7531A is built-in with several functions, protection and EMI-improved solution in a SOT-26/ DIP-8 package. It takes less components counts or circuit space, especially ideal for those total solutions of low cost. The implemented functions include low startup current, green-mode power-saving operation, leading-edge blanking of the current sensing and internal slope compensation. And the LD7531A features more protections like OLP (Over Load Protection) and OVP (Over Voltage Protection) to prevent the circuit damage from the abnormal conditions. Furthermore, the frequency trembling function is to reduce the noise level and thus helps the power circuit designers to easily deal with the EMI filter design by using minimum component cost and developing time.


z High-Voltage CMOS Process with Excellent ESD protection z Very Low Startup Current (<20μA) z Current Mode Control z Non-audible-noise Green Mode Control z UVLO (Under Voltage Lockout) z LEB (Leading-Edge Blanking) on CS Pin z Programmable Switching Frequency z Internal Trembling (±4KHz) z Internal Slope Compensation z OVP (Over Voltage Protection) on Vcc Pin z OLP (Over Load Protection) z 300mA Driving Capability Applications z Switching AC/DC Adaptor and Battery Charger z Open Frame Switching Power Supply Typical Application AC EMI input Filter VCC RT 100K Ohm COMP 32V 16.0V /10.0V UVLO LD7531A FM OSC Divider Control Logic GND OUT CS Leadtrend Technology Corporation LD7531A-DS-00 July 2009 1 www.leadtrend.com.tw photocoupler TL431 Pin Configuration DIP-8 (TOP VIEW) 8765 TOP MARK YYWW## 1 23 4 GND COMP NC RT LD7531A SOT-26 (TOP VIEW) OUT VCC CS 65 4 YWP 31A 1 23 GND COMP RT OUT VCC NC CS YY, Y : Year code (D: 2004, E: 2005…..) WW, W: Week code P : LD75.. (Product family code) ## : Production code Ordering Information Part number Package LD7531A GL SO [ ... ]

LD7531A PDF File

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