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Part number : LCM1602C

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, STANDARD CHARACTER LCM.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : QINGYUN HI-TECH

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LCM1602C Datasheet PDF

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BEIJING QINGYUN HI-TECH DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD LCM1602C 外形尺寸/OUTLINE DIMENSIONS STANDARD CHARACTER LCM TEL/FAX:86-10-82125078/79 机械规格和特征/MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS & FEATURES Item 项目 Module Size (W*H*T) 模块尺寸 View Area (W*H) 视域尺寸 Normal Dimensions 常规尺寸(mm) 80x36x10/15 66×16 Feature 特征 LCD Type & Colour 液晶屏类型及颜色 View Angle 视角 STN:Yellow-Green、Gray,FSTN STN 黄绿模式、灰模式,FSTN 黑白模式 6 O’clock、12 O’clock 6:00 或 12:00 视角 Character Size (W*H) 字符尺寸 2.96×5.56 Display Type 显示类型 Positive Type 正向显示 Character Pitch (W*H) 字符间距 3.55×5.94 Control IC & Package 控制芯片及封装 KS0066,COB Character Font 字符字体 5×8 Operating Temperature 工作温度 -20℃ ~ 70℃ Dot Size (W*H) 点大小 0.56×0.66 Storage Temperature 储存温度 -30℃ ~ 80℃ Dot Pitch (W*H) 点间距 0.60×0.70 Backlight 背光 LED、EL 电参数/ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS(工作电流为不含背光的液晶显示模块工作电流。/Supply current doesn’t contain backlight.) Item/项目 Symbol/符号 Operating Voltage/工作电压 Vdd Supply Current/工作电流 Idd 管脚说明/INTERFACE PIN CONNECTIONS Test Condition/测试条件 Ta=25℃ Ta=25℃,Vdd=5.0V Typ./典型值 5.0 1.25 Unit/单位 V mA Pin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7~14 15 16 Symbol Vss VDD VO RS R/W E DB0~DB7 LEDA LEDK


(管脚描述) Ground for Logic(地) Power supply for Logic(逻辑电压) Power supply for LCD drive(对比度调节) Register selection(指令、数据寄存器选择) Read/Write selection(读写选择信号) Enable signal for LCM(使能信号) Data Bus lines(数据线 0~7) Power supply for Backlight (+)(背光正极) Power supply for Backlight (-)(背光负极) 功能特点: 1. LCM1602C 显示内容 5×8 点字符点阵式,16×2 行, 点大小 0.56×0.66 mm2,点间距 0.04mm,字符间�� [ … ]

LCM1602C PDF File

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