KX-TS500MX – Telephone Operating Instructions Manual

KX-TS500MX Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : KX-TS500MX

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Telephone Operating Instructions Manual.

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Manufacturer : Panasonic

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KX-TS500MX Datasheet PDF

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1 Integrated Telephone System Getting Started 1-B Settings 1 2 Connect the telephone line cord (1). Connect the handset cord (2), then confirm the dial tone. VOLUME (^), (_) Buttons (2-A) 2 3 Set the DIALING MODE selector to TONE. ≥If you cannot dial, set to PULSE. DIALING MODE Operation 3 Special


1-A Location of controls DIALING MODE Selector (1-B) RINGER Selector (1-B) 2-A Making Calls 1 2 3 Telephone Line Cord 3-A For Call Waiting Service Users Press (FLASH) if you hear a call-waiting tone while talking. ≥The first call is put on hold and you can answer the second call. ≥To return to the first caller, press (FLASH) again. Operating Instructions Model No. Lift the handset. Dial a phone number. ≥If you misdial, hang up and start again from step 1. KX-TS500MX TONE PULSE Pulse-or-tone dialing capability GH PQ RS To Single-Line Telephone Jack 1 I JK L AB C DEF When finished talking, hang up. 4 TU V 2 MN O 7 TO NE 5 WXY Z 3 VO LU ME 4 8 0 6 FLA RED 1 9 IAL SH DIALING MODE Selector RINGER Selector Set the RINGER selector to HIGH, LOW or OFF. (Ex. “LOW” is selected.) RINGER To redial the last number dialed Lift the handset. ➡ Press (REDIAL). To adjust the receiver volume (6 levels) while talking To increase, press (^). To decrease, press (_). ≥After hanging up, the volume level will be saved. 3-B Temporary Tone Dialing (For Rotary or Pulse Service Users) Press ($) (TONE) before entering access numbers which require tone dialing. ≥The dialing mode changes to tone. You can enter numbers to access answering services, electronic banking services, etc. When you hang up, the mode will return to pulse. ≥Access numbers entered after pressing ($) (TONE) will not be included when redialing. HIGH OFF ($) (TONE) Button (3-B) (FLASH) Button (3-A) (REDIAL) Button (2-A) 2 Handset ≥When set to OFF, the unit will not ring. KX-TS500MXW Accessories (included) ∑ Handset. . . . . . . one ∑ Handset Cord. . . one �� [ … ]


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