KPX3000-1400 – Phase Control Thyristor

KPX3000-1400 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : KPX3000-1400

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Phase Control Thyristor.

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Manufacturer : TEG

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KPX3000-1400 Datasheet PDF

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KPX 3000-12~18 Ver:0906B Key Parameters V DRM I T(AV) I TSM V TO rT Voltage Ratings 1200~1800 3030 60 0.9 0.11 V A kA V mΩ KP X 3000-12 KP X 3000-14 KP X 3000-16 KP X 3000-18 Applications ●Traction ●Motor Phase Control Thyristor Device Type V DRM/V RRM(V) 1200 1400 1600 1800 Test Conditions T vj = 125 °C I DRM = 300 mA I RRM = 300 mA V DM =V DRM, V RM =V RRM t p = 10 ms V DSM = V DRM V RSM = V RRM + 100 drive drive ●Industry converter


●Double-side ●High ●Low Outline cooling power capability loss Thermal & Mechanical Data Symb. R th jc R th cs Tvj T stg F m Parameter Thermal Resistance Junction to Case Thermal Resistance Case ro Heatsink Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Mounting Force Weight Min Type -40 -40 56 1.44 Max 0.01 0.003 125 150 – Unit K/W K/W °C °C kN kg Current Ratings Symb. I T(AV) I T(RMS) I TSM I t 2 Parameter Mean On-State Current RMS On-State Current Surge (non-repetitive) On-State Current Limiting load integral Test Half Sine Wave T C =70 C 10ms,T vj =125 C Sine Wave, 10ms o o Conditions T C=70 oC T C=85 oC Min – Type – Max 3030 2430 4757 60 1800 Unit A A A kA 104A2s VR = 0 Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co., LTD, PEBU reserves the right to change specifications without notice. page 1 of 6 http:// KPX 3000-12~18 Characteristics Symb. V TM I DRM I RRM V TO rT IH IL Parameter Peak on-state voltage Forward leakage current Reverse leakage current Threshold voltage Slope resistance Holding current Latching current Test T vj = 125 °C,I TM = 3000 A T vj = 125 °C,V DRM T vj = 125 °C,V RRM T vj = 125 °C T vj = 125 °C T vj = 25 °C T vj = 25 °C Conditions Min Type Max 1.24 300 300 0.90 0.11 200 1000 Unit V mA mA V mΩ mA mA Dynamic Parameters Symb. dv /dt di /dt td t on tq Q rr Q ra I rr t rr Parameter Critical rate of rise of off-state voltage Critical rate of rise of on-state current Delay time Turn-on time Turn-off time Recovery Charge Recovery Charge [ … ]

KPX3000-1400 PDF File

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