KMC05 – Magnetic Field Sensors Current Sensor

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Part number : KMC05

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Magnetic Field Sensors Current Sensor.

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Manufacturer : hlplanar

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KMC05 Datasheet PDF

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Magnetic Field Sensors Current Sensor KMC 05 Function principle Magnetoresistive materials can change their resistivity in an external magnetic field. The variation of the resistivity is determined by the rotation of magnetisation with respect to the direction of the current flow. Permalloy (Ni81Fe19) is commercially used as magnetoresistive material. The relative change of resistivity is 2-3 % for this material. The high sensitive and small size sensor consists of a silicon chip coated with thin film permalloy stripes. These stripes form a Wheatstone bridge, whose output voltage depends on the magnetic field. Characteristic The sensor chip measures the magnetic field generated by an internal current-carrying conductor. The current sensor has an integrated permanent magnet. No external auxiliary field Hx is required. A direct or alternating current IM up to 5 A can be detected. Package: mod. SM-8 Sensors in thin film technology HL-Planartechnik GmbH Hauert 13, D – 44 227 Dortmund, Tel.: +49 (0) 231/97400, Fax.: +49 (0) 231/974020 Internet: E-Mail: Magnetic Field Sensors Current Sensor KMC 05 Technical data Absolute maximum ratings Parameter Supply voltage Measurable current Operating temperature range Storage temperature range Symbol VB IM Tamb Tstg Unit V A °C °C Value 12 5 -40 … +125 -65 … +150 Test conditions for Input-Output Insulation: 200V DC for 50ms between pin 3 and pin 2 Electrical characteristics ( Tamb= 25°C ) Parameter Bridge resistance Offset voltage Open circuit sensitivity Resitance of the conductor Operating frequency Temperature coefficient of open circuit sensitivity Input-Output Insulation Symbol RB VOFF /VB S R fmax TC II-O Unit kOhm mV/V (mV/V)/A mOhm kHz %/K nA Min. 1.4 Typ. 1.7 0.7 0.7 Max. 2.2 ±2 100 -0.3 100 KMC 05 output voltage Vo versus current IM for an auxiliary field Hx created by an internal magnet Sensors in thin film technology HL-Planartechnik GmbH Hauert [ … ]

KMC05 PDF File

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