KDC-W3537GY Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : KDC-W3537GY

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, CD RECEIVER SERVICE MANUAL.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Kenwood

Image :

KDC-W3537GY Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

CD RECEIVER KDC-W237AY/W237GY KDC-W3037AY/W3037GY KDC-W311AY/W311GY KDC-W3537AY/W3537GY/W4037Y SERVICE MANUAL Panel assy KDC-W237AY/W237GY (A64-4058-02) © 2006-12 PRINTED IN JAPAN B53-0483-00 (N) 229 Panel assy KDC-W3037AY/W3037GY (A64-4056-12) B.BOOST MENU B.BOOST MENU KDC-W237 VOL AUD SET UP / DISP KDC-W3037 VOL AUD SET UP / PTY DISP FM SCRL FM SCRL AM AUTO AME SCAN RDM REP F.SEL TI AME AM SCAN RDM REP F.SEL ATT ATT Panel assy KDC-W311AY/W311GY (A64-4057-12) Panel assy KDC-W3537AY/W3537GY (A64-4042-12) B.BOOST MENU KDC-W311 VOL AUD SET UP / PTY DISP B.BOOST MENU FM SCRL VOL AUD SET UP KDC-W3537 / PTY DISP FM SCRL AM TI AME AM TI AME SCAN RDM REP F.SEL SCAN RDM REP F.SEL M.RDM ATT ATT Panel assy KDC-W4037Y (A64-4038-12) B.BOOST MENU KDC-W4037 VOL AUD SET UP / PTY DISP FM SCRL SW AM TI AME SCAN RDM REP F.SEL M.RDM ATT SPARE TDF PANEL MAIN UNIT NAME KDC-W237AY KDC-W237GY KDC-W3037AY KDC-W3037GY KDC-W311AY KDC-W311GY KDC-W3537AY KDC-W3537GY KDC-W4037Y Carrying case (W01-1685-05) TDF PARTS No. Y33-2660-60 Y33-2660-61 Y33-2650-63 Y33-2650-64 Y33-2650-65 Y33-2650-66 Y33-2650-61 Y33-2650-62 Y33-2650-60 TDF NAME TDF-W237A TDF-W237G TDF-W3037A TDF-W3037G TDF-W311A TDF-W311G TDF-W3537A TDF-W3537G TDF-W4037 Lever (D10-4589-04) x2 DC cord (E30-6427-05) * Remote controller assy (RC-557) (A70-2087-05) Battery (Not supplied) Antenna adaptor (T90-0523-05) * Escutcheon (B07-xxxx-xx) Mounting hardware assy (J21-9716-03) * Depends on the model. Refer to the parts list. This product uses Lead Free solder. KDC-W237AY/W237GY/W3037AY/W3037GY/ W311AY/W311GY/W3537AY/W3537GY/W4037Y PAN5V CN3 WIRED REMOTE J3 CN to GND PANEL DET IC1 S3 RESET J2 F-AUX S1 ROTARY ENCODER SW5 IC2 REMOTE SW5 9 ILLUMI+B SW5 2 ELECTRIC UNIT (X34- ) J2 ANT. A1 TUNER FRONT-END 3 Q901-903 J4 DME1 BU BU A8V SERVO+B CD MECHA 16 3 1 DC-DET BU IC6 POWER IC ACC DET PHONE R103 AM+B LX-BUS A8V SW5 PHONE Q101 ACC-DET Q103 BU5 IC9 ANALOG SW IC2 or IC3 A8V [ … ]

KDC-W3537GY PDF File

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