K3687-01MR – 2SK3687-01MR

K3687-01MR Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : K3687-01MR

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 2SK3687-01MR.

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Manufacturer : Fuji Electric

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K3687-01MR Datasheet PDF

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High speed switching No secondary breadown Avalanche-proof Low on-resistance Low driving power Outline Drawings [mm] TO-220F Applications Switching regulators DC-DC converters UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Maximum ratings and characteristicAbsolute maximum ratings (Tc=25°C unless otherwise specified) Item Drain-source voltage Continuous drain current Pulsed drain current Gate-source voltage Non-Repetitive Maximum avalanche current Non-Repetitive Maximum avalanche energy Maximum Drain-Source dV/dt Peak diode recovery dV/dt Max. power dissipation Operating and storage temperature range Isolation voltage Symbol VDS VDSX ID ID(puls] VGS IAS Ratings 600 600 ±16 ±64 ±30 16 EAS 242.7 dVDS/dt dV/dt PD Tch Tstg VISO 20 5 2.16 97 +150 -55 to +150 2 Unit V V A A V A Remarks VGS=-30V Tch<=150°C mJ L=1.74mH kV/s kV/µs W VCC=60V *1 VDS<=600V *2 Ta=25°C Tc=25°C °C °C kVrms t=60sec, f=60Hz Equivalent circuit schematic Drain(D) Gate(G) Source(S) *1 See to Avalanche Energy Graph *2 IF<= -ID, -di/dt=50A/µs, VCC<= BVDSS, Tch<= 150°C Electrical characteristics (Tc =25°C unless otherwise specified) Item Drain-source breakdown voltaget Gate threshold voltage Zero gate voltage drain current Gate-source leakage current Drain-source on-state resistance Forward transcondutance Input capacitance Output capacitance Reverse transfer capacitance Turn-on time ton Turn-off time toff Total Gate Charge Gate-Source Charge Gate-Drain Charge Avalanche capability Diode forward on-voltage Reverse recovery time Reverse recovery charge Thermalcharacteristics Symbol V(BR)DSS VGS(th) IDSS IGSS RDS(on) gfs Ciss Coss Crss td(on) tr td(off) tf QG QGS QGD IAV VSD trr Qrr Test Conditions ID= 250µA VGS=0V ID= 250µA VDS=VGS VDS=600V VGS=0V Tch=25°C VDS=480V VGS=0V VGS=±30V VDS=0V ID=8A VGS=10V Tch=125°C ID=8A VDS=25V VDS=25V VGS=0V f=1MHz VC [ ... ]

K3687-01MR PDF File

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