JQX-78F – Power Relay

JQX-78F Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : JQX-78F

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Power Relay.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Clion

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JQX-78F Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

HHC71F-4(JQX-78F) Power Relay Model and


★Contact form: A=NO, B=NC, C=NO&NC Dimension Form Rated load Max switching voltage Contact Feature Contact resistance Material Electrical life Mechanical life Operate voltage (23℃) Release voltage (23℃) 8 c T 2A,2B,2C Specification t e n ua ce. r e .n a ww Foam box Foam box F w C Maximum voltage (23℃) Normal coil voltage Coil power DC AC AC DC DC6-220V(Customize allowed) AC6-380V(Customize allowed) 3.6W 10.5VA ≤25ms ≤25ms 1500VAC/1min(leakage current 1mA) 1500VAC/1min(leakage current 1mA) 2500VAC/1min(leakage current 1mA) ≥200mΩ(500VDC) -25℃ ~55℃ 45%-75%RH 86-106KPa 10G (sinusoidal half-wave pulse: 11ms) 10-55Hz (double amplitude: 1.5mm) Plung in or Flange Pick-up time Release time Dielectric strength Insulation resistance Ambient temperature Ambient humidity Atmospheric pressure Shock resistance Vibration resistance Installation Packing PD Between Same-pole contacts Between Opposite-pole contacts Between contacts and coil Inner box Outer box om ≥1*10 ≥1*10 ria l 81.8mm*53.5mm*67.5mm 3A,3B,3C 60A 240VAC/28VDC ≤100mΩ 5 7 Silver Alloy DC:≤75%*Rated voltage AC:≤80%*Rated voltage DC:≥10%*Rated voltage AC:≥30%*Rated voltage 110%*Rated voltage 6PCS 60PCS http:// Dimension of the carton Weight Foam box 1PC Foam box 402mm*288mm*370mm Approximate 260g G.W:10Kg N.W:9Kg Wiring Diagram & Bottom View PD F w C ww r e .n a ua t e n ce. 8 c T Performance Graph om ria l [ … ]

JQX-78F PDF File

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