ISO1002 – Small Signal Amplifier

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Part number : ISO1002

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Small Signal Amplifier.

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Manufacturer : YUAN

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ISO1002 Datasheet PDF

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YUAN ISO 1002 Series Analog signal Isolation Amplifier ISO 1002 Series Analog Small Signal Isolation Amplifier ISO 1002 choose type: ISO- 1002 Input□-Power□-Output□ Input rated voltage(or current) U1:0-10mV U2:0-30mV U3:0-50mV U4: 0-75mV U5: 0-100mV U6:0~5V U7:0~10V U8: 0~100V A1:0-1mA A2:0~10mA Accessorial power supply P P1: DC24V P2: DC12V P3: DC5V P4: DC15V P5:Customer choose Output O1:4-20mA O2:0~20mA O4:0~5V O5:0~10V O6:1~5V O7: Customer choose Characteristic: ●0-10mV/0-20mV/0-50mV/0-75mV/0-100mV Small signal isolation amplification ● Efficiency grade:0.1, 0.2 ●Extremely high linearity in whole process ( nonlinearity < 0.1%) ● Power, signal: Input/output 3000VDC isolation ● Extension Power: 12VDC or 24VDC Single power supply ● Two groups isolation power supply: 5VDC~24VDC ●Supply inlet 1.25V,outlet isolation 5V,accuracy 2% base voltage supply ●Small size, standard fire retarding package DIP 24PIN ,UL94V-0 ● Industrial wide temperature : -45~+85 ℃ Application: ●Analog signal data acquisition, isolation ,transform ●Industrial signal isolation ●PLC & FA Motor Signal Isolation Control● Ground interference control ●Equipment and sensor signal acquisition ●No Current Signal Transmission ●No distortion in long-distance signal ●Electricity control, medical instrument isolated safe bar


: SunYuan ISO 1002 Isolation amplifier is a mix integrated circuit that convert and isolate analog signal pro data. The IC integrates a high isolated DC/DC power supply and a high-powered isolated amplifier. It provides two groups of isolated power supply and two base voltage supplies for use of exterior circuit extending, like electric bridge circuit and other circuits. The ceramic base, SMD and new isolation technologies allow the IC for the 3KVDC insulated voltage input/output and meet the industrial level for the extremely poor temperature, humidity and shaking condition. I [ … ]

ISO1002 PDF File

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