ISL58315 – High Speed Triple Laser Diode Drivers

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Part number : ISL58315

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, High Speed Triple Laser Diode Drivers.

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Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation

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ISL58315 Datasheet PDF

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High Speed Triple Laser Diode Drivers ISL58315 The ISL58315 is a high-speed, triple-output laser diode driver (LDD) for laser scanning projector systems, which require three channels modulated at high speed with independent current control.


• High-speed, triple-output laser diode driver supporting up to 720-pixel HD resolution Each output channel provides laser-independent current • Up to 1A of peak current output control for threshold and color DACs. Separate scale DACs allow independent scaling of both threshold and color DAC output values. This allows control of projector brightness and can be used to simplify automatic power calibration (APC) for • Fast output switching speeds with pulse rise/fall times of 1ns to 2ns for crisp pixels • Intersil patented laser voltage sampler function provides laser-based systems. dynamic power management capability to dramatically Pixel data information is transferred through the LDD’s minimize system power high-speed 10-bit or 15-bit parallel video interface. Three parallel interface modes provide flexibility and allow users a trade-off among speed, power and bus width. Pixel data employs a double data rate scheme, allowing video data to be C O N F I D E N T I A Ltransferred using both clock edges. • Intersil patented SmartLinearizer™ DAC feature provides a linear transfer function (input video code to green laser output), eliminating the need for DSP controller processing algorithms required for non-linear green lasers • Flexible 10-bit or Intersil patented 15-bit RGB pixel input Applications formats supported to reduce speed and power. 300MHz • Laser-based Pico Projectors • RGB Scanning and Field-based laser projection systems maximum data Input rate supported for 10-bit RGB mode • Blanking time power reduction reduces LDD current consumption to 3mA typical • Generic laser-based applications requiring multiple, independently controlled lasers • Programmable return-to-zero (R [ … ]

ISL58315 PDF File

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