IRF740B – 400V N-Channel MOSFET

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Part number : IRF740B

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 400V N-Channel MOSFET.

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Manufacturer : Fairchild Semiconductor

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IRF740B Datasheet PDF

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IRF740B/IRFS740B November 2001 IRF740B/IRFS740B 400V N-Channel MOSFET General


These N-Channel enhancement mode power field effect transistors are produced using Fairchild’s proprietary, planar, DMOS technology. This advanced technology has been especially tailored to minimize on-state resistance, provide superior switching performance, and withstand high energy pulse in the avalanche and commutation mode. These devices are well suited for high efficiency switch mode power supplies and electronic lamp ballasts based on half bridge.


• • • • • • 10A, 400V, RDS(on) = 0.54Ω @VGS = 10 V Low gate charge ( typical 41 nC) Low Crss ( typical 35 pF) Fast switching 100% avalanche tested Improved dv/dt capability D G G DS TO-220 IRF Series GD S TO-220F IRFS Series S Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol VDSS ID IDM VGSS EAS IAR EAR dv/dt PD TJ, TSTG TL TC = 25°C unless otherwise noted Parameter Drain-Source Voltage – Continuous (TC = 25°C) Drain Current – Continuous (TC = 100°C) Drain Current – Pulsed (Note 1) IRF740B 400 10 6.3 40 ± 30 (Note 2) (Note 1) (Note 1) (Note 3) IRFS740B 10 * 6.3 * 40 * 450 10 13.4 5.5 Units V A A A V mJ A mJ V/ns W W/°C °C °C Gate-Source Voltage Single Pulsed Avalanche Energy Avalanche Current Repetitive Avalanche Energy Peak Diode Recovery dv/dt Power Dissipation (TC = 25°C) – Derate above 25°C Operating and Storage Temperature Range Maximum lead temperature for soldering purposes, 1/8″ from case for 5 seconds 134 1.08 -55 to +150 300 44 0.35 * Drain current limited by maximum junction temperature Thermal Characteristics Symbol RθJC RθCS RθJA Parameter Thermal Resistance, Junction-to-Case Thermal Resistance, Case-to-Sink Thermal Resistance, Junction-to-Ambient IRF740B 0.93 0.5 62.5 IRFS740B 2.86 -62.5 Units °C/W °C/W °C/W ©2001 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation Rev. A, November 2001 IRF740B/IRFS740B Electrical Characteristics Symbol Parameter TC = 25°C unless otherwise noted [ … ]

IRF740B PDF File

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