IRF6665TRPBF – Digital Audio MOSFET

IRF6665TRPBF Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : IRF6665TRPBF

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Digital Audio MOSFET.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : International Rectifier

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IRF6665TRPBF Datasheet PDF

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• Latest MOSFET Silicon technology • Key parameters optimized for Class-D audio amplifier applications • Low RDS(on) for improved efficiency • Low Qg for better THD and improved efficiency • Low Qrr for better THD and lower EMI • Low package stray inductance for reduced ringing and lower EMI • Can deliver up to 100W per channel into 8Ω with no heatsink Š • Dual sided cooling compatible · Compatible with existing surface mount technologies · RoHS compliant containing no lead or bromide ·Lead-Free (Qualified up to 260°C Reflow) Key Parameters VDS 100 RDS(on) typ. @ VGS = 10V Qg typ. RG(int) typ. 53 8.7 1.9 V m: nC SH DirectFET™ ISOMETRIC Applicable DirectFET Outline and Substrate Outline (see p. 6, 7 for details) SQ SX ST SH MQ MX MT MN


This Digital Audio MOSFET is specifically designed for Class-D audio amplifier applications. This MOSFET utilizes the latest processing techniques to achieve low on-resistance per silicon area. Furthermore, gate charge, body-diode reverse recovery and internal gate resistance are optimized to improve key Class-D audio amplifier performance factors such as efficiency, THD, and EMI. The IRF6665PbF device utilizes DirectFETTM packaging technology. DirectFETTM packaging technology offers lower parasitic inductance and resistance when compared to conventional wirebonded SOIC packaging. Lower inductance improves EMI performance by reducing the voltage ringing that accompanies fast current transients. The DirectFETTM package is compatible with existing layout geometries used in power applications, PCB assembly equipment and vapor phase, infra-red or convection soldering techniques, when application note AN-1035 is followed regarding the manufacturing method and processes. The DirectFETTM package also allows dual sided cooling to maximize thermal transfer in power systems, improving thermal resistance and power dissipation. These fe [ … ]


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