IR2520DS Information is available here.

Part Number : IR2520DS

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, ADAPTIVE BALLAST CONTROL IC.

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Manufacturer : International Rectifier

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IR2520DS データシート

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Data Sheet No. PD60212 revC IR2520D(S) & (PbF) ADAPTIVE BALLAST CONTROL IC • • • • • • • • • •


600V Half Bridge Driver Integrated Bootstrap FET Adaptive zero-voltage switching (ZVS) Internal Crest Factor Over-Current Protection 0 to 6VDC Voltage Controlled Oscillator Programmable minimum frequency Micropower Startup Current (80uA) Internal 15.6V zener clamp on Vcc Small DIP8/SO8 Package Also available LEAD-FREE (PbF) Packages 8-Lead PDIP IR2520D 8 Lead SOIC IR2520DS


The IR2520D(S) is a complete adaptive ballast controller and 600V half-bridge driver integrated into a single IC for fluorescent lighting applications. The IC includes adaptive zero-voltage switching (ZVS), internal crest factor over-current protection, as well as an integrated bootstrap FET. The heart of this IC is a voltage controlled oscillator with externally programmable minimum frequency. All of the necessary ballast features are integrated in a small 8-pin DIP or SOIC package. Typical Application Diagram RSUPPLY DCP2 BR1 MHS F1 L1 CBUS CF RFMIN L2 LF CVCC VCC 1 COM 2 FMIN VB SPIRAL CFL 8 7 6 5 LO MLS HO VS CBS LRES CSNUB CDC CRES IR2520D 3 VCO 4 CVCO DCP1 1 IR2520D(S)& (PbF) Absolute Maximum Ratings Absolute maximum ratings indicate sustained limits beyond which damage to the device may occur. All voltage parameters are absolute voltages referenced to COM, all currents are defined positive into any lead. The thermal resistance and power dissipation ratings are measured under board mounted and still air conditions. Symbol VB VS VHO VLO IVCO ICC dVS/dt PD RthJA TJ TS TL Definition High side floating supply voltage High side floating supply offset voltage High side floating output voltage Low side output voltage Voltage controlled oscillator input current (Note 1) Supply current (Note 2) Allowable offset voltage slew rate Package power dissipation @ TA ≤ +25°C PD=(TJMAX-TA)RthJA Therma [ … ]

IR2520DS PDF File

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