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Part number : IR2156S

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, BALLAST CONTROL IC.

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Manufacturer : International Rectifier

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IR2156S Datasheet PDF

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Data Sheet No. PD60182-I IR2156(S) & (PbF) BALLAST CONTROL IC


• • • • • • Ballast control and half-bridge driver in one IC Programmable preheat frequency Programmable preheat time Internal ignition ramp Programmable over-current threshold Programmable run frequency • Programmable dead time • DC bus under-voltage reset • Shutdown pin with hysteresis • Internal 15.6V zener clamp diode on Vcc • Micropower startup (150µA) • Latch immunity and ESD protection • Also available LEAD-FREE (PbF)


The IR2156 incorporates a high voltage half-bridge gate driver with a programmable oscillator and state diagram to form a complete ballast control IC. The IR2156 features include programmable preheat and run frequencies, programmable preheat time, programmable dead-time, and programmable over-current protection. Comprehensive protection features such as protection from failure of a lamp to strike,filament failures, as well as an automatic restart function, have been included in the design. The IR2156 is available in both 14 lead PDIP and 14 lead SOIC packages. Packages 14 Lead PDIP 14 Lead SOIC (narrow body) CFL Application Diagram R BUS R SUPPLY D BOOT D RECT1 L FILTE R L F1 NC VCC 1 2 14 13 VB D CP2 M1 LRES C ELCAP1 C FILTE R HO IR2156 CVCC2 CVCC1 VDC 3 RT 12 11 10 9 VS N M2 CCP R1 CCS RCS C SNUB CRES 4 RT RPH RPH LO C BOOT 5 CT CS SD 6 CPH C ELCAP1 D CP1 D RECT2 COM 7 CT C VDC C CPH 8 1 IR2156(S) & (PbF) Absolute Maximum Ratings Absolute maximum ratings indicate sustained limits beyond which damage to the device may occur. All voltage parameters are absolute voltages referenced to COM, all currents are defined positive into any lead. The thermal resistance and power dissipation ratings are measured under board mounted and still air conditions. Symbol VB VS VHO VLO IOMAX VVDC VCT ICPH IRPH VRPH IRT VRT VCS ICS ISD ICC dV/dt PD RthJA TJ TS TL Note 1: Definition High side floating supply [ … ]

IR2156S PDF File

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