INR5D391K – Zinc Oxide Varistors

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Part number : INR5D391K

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Zinc Oxide Varistors.

Pin arrangement :

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Manufacturer : AMOTECH

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INR5D391K Datasheet PDF

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AMOTECH Co., Ltd. Document Type Application Part No. Revision Datasheet Disk Varistor Overvoltage Protection D series 0 DATASHEET Applications · AC/DC Power LINE Overvoltage Protection · Semiconductor / Solenoid / Switch protection · Telecommunication Protection


· Wide operating voltage (V1mA : 18~1800V ) · Excellent clamp voltage ratio · Fast response time to transient overvoltage · Low stand by power · Low leakage current · Symmetric V-I Characteristics · No derating up to 85℃ ambient temperature 5D/7D/10D/14D/20D D Series AMOTECH Notes The contents of this datasheet are subject to change without notice. Please confirm the specifications and delivery conditions when placing your order. 12 SPECIFICATION Zinc Oxide Varistors INR Construction 1.


2. Designation Method of Part Number 3. Application Notes(UL) 4. Type and Shape 5. Electrical Spectification 6. Reliability Testing Procesdures 7. Lead Free Profile 8. Making and Illustration 9. Materials Compnent 10. Box Pakage 11. Manufacturer and Place 12. Comment REV. DATE REV. NO. PAGE 2010. 2. 18 0 1/12 Advanced Material On Technology SPECIFICATION Zinc Oxide Varistors INR REV. DATE REV. NO. PAGE 2010. 2. 18 0 2/12 1.


INR Varistor is a non-linear resistance material in which the current varies as a power of the applied voltage. Voltage sensitive varistor have been used to great advance in many important application in the electrical power communications and electronic industries. 2. Designation Method of Part Number I NR 5 D 471 B S AA2 50 Amotech Nonlinear Variable Resistor Disk Type Diameter of Varistor Element 05 5mm 07 7mm 10 10mm 14 14mm 20 20mm ① First two digit Significant figures ② Third one The number of Zero following ① B: Bulk ② T: Taping ③ A: Auto Single ④ P: Auto Dual ⑤ C: Cutting Lead Type ① S: Straight ② Y: Y-Forming ③ O: O-Forming ④ L: Bending Lead Thick AA: 0.6Φ BB: 0.8Φ CC: 1.0Φ Lead Length ①250: 25mm ②1 [ … ]

INR5D391K PDF File

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