HRS2H-S-DC24V – Relay

HRS2H-S-DC24V Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : HRS2H-S-DC24V

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Relay.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : ETC

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HRS2H-S-DC24V Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

HRS2 Relay 1. COIL DATA 1-1.Nominal Voltage 1-2.Coil Resistance 1-3.Operate Voltage 1-4.Release Voltage 1-5.Nominal Power 3,5,6,9,12,24,48VDC Refer to Coil Data Chart Refer to Coil Data Chart Refer to Coil Data Chart 200mW 360mW 450mW 2.CONTACT DATA 2-1.Contact Form 2-2.Contact Material 2-3.Contact Rating 2-4.Max.Switching Voltage 2-5.Max.Switching Current 2-6.Max.Switching Power 2-7.Min.Switching Load 2-8.Contact Resistance 2-9.Life Electrical (standard) 100,000 operations 1A 120VAC 200,000 operations 0.5A 120VAC 300,000 operations 1A 24VDC 1,000,000 operations 0.15A 48VDC 10,000,000 operations A-2 form A B-2 form B C-2 form C AuAg 1A 120VAC/24VDC 250VAC/30VDC 2A 120VA,30W 5VDC,10mA Max.50m (6VDC 1A) Mechanical 3.GENERAL DATA 3-1.Insulation Resistance 3-2.Dielectric Strength 3-3.Surge Strength 3-4.Operate Time 3-5.Release Time 3-6.Operate Temperature 3-7.Shock Resistance Endurance Misoperation 3-8.Vibration Resistance Endurance Misoperation 3-9.Humidity 3-10.Weight 3-11.Safety 10 10 35% 55Hz,1.5mm double amplitude 55Hz,1.5mm double amplitude 95%RH,+40 C 1,000m/s 100m/s 2 2 Min.100M .500VDC 750VAC,1min between open contacts 1,000VAC,1min between coil and contacts 1,500VAC,10×160 s Max.6ms Max.4ms -30 +70 Approximately 5g. UL NO.E164730 CSA NO.1467343(LR109368-2) TUV NO.R50062786 CQC NO.03001008746 24 4.ORDER CODE HRS2 H – S DC5V A CONTACT FORM A- 2 Form C B-2 Form B C- 2 Form C COIL VOLTAGE DC3V,DC5V,DC6V,DC9V,DC12V,DC24V,DC48V ENCLOSURE S – Plastic Sealed Type H-High Sensituvety(200mW) B-450mW NIL-Standard(360mW) MODEL 5.COIL DATA CHART Model HRS2B-(S)-DC3V HRS2B-(S)-DC5V HRS2B-(S)-DC6V HRS2B-(S)-DC9V HRS2B-(S)-DC12V HRS2B-(S)-DC24V HRS2B-(S)-DC48V HRS2-(S)-DC3V HRS2-(S)-DC5V HRS2-(S)-DC6V HRS2-(S)-DC9V HRS2-(S)-DC12V HRS2-(S)-DC24V HRS2-(S)-DC48V HRS2H-(S)-DC3V HRS2H-(S)-DC5V HRS2H-(S)-DC6V HRS2H-(S)-DC9V HRS2H-(S)-DC12V HRS2H-(S)-DC24V Nominal Voltage VDC 3 5 6 9 12 24 48 3 5 6 9 12 24 48 3 5 6 9 12 24 Coil Resistance +/-10% 20 56 80 180 320 1280 5120 2 [ … ]


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