HMS81C1716B Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : HMS81C1716B

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, (HMS81C1xxxB) 8-BIT SINGLE-CHIP MICROCONTROLLERS.

Pin arrangement :

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Manufacturer : ABOV

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HMS81C1716B Datasheet PDF

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ABOV SEMICONDUCTOR 8-BIT SINGLE-CHIP MICROCONTROLLERS HMS81C1808B/16B HMS81C1708B/16B HMS81C1608B/16B HMS81C1508B/16B HMS81C1404B/08B/16B User’s Manual (Ver. 1.20) REVISION HISTORY VERSION 1.20 (April 2, 2008) This book Corrected PSW(NVGBHIZC) for “INC A” instruction from N-Z- to N-ZC at ” Arithmetic / Logic Operation” on page iv. VERSION 1.1 (MAR. 2006) The company name, MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd. changed to ABOV Semiconductor Co., Ltd.. VERSION 1.05 (OCT. 2005) Correct the circuit connection condition in case of internal 4MHz oscillation. Add internal oscillation frequency tolerance in DC Electrical Characteristics Add notes in STOP operation and internal 4MHz oscillation. VERSION 1.04 (JUN. 2005) Add Pb free package VERSION 1.03 (MAR. 2005) Add read-modify-write chapter. Correct the internal 4MHz oscillation clock period accuracy VERSION 1.02 (SEP. 2004) The company name, Hynix Semiconductor Inc. changed to MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd. VERSION 1.01 (MAR. 2004) Correct the external RC oscillation characteristics. Fixed some errata. Version 1.20 Published by FAE Team ©2006 ABOV Semiconductor Ltd. All right reserved. Additional information of this manual may be served by ABOV Semiconductor offices in Korea or Distributors and Representatives. ABOV Semiconductor reserves the right to make changes to any information here in at any time without notice. The information, diagrams and other data in this manual are correct and reliable; however, ABOV Semiconductor is in no way responsible for any violations of patents or other rights of the third party generated by the use of this manual. HMS81C1404B/08B/16B/1508B/1516B/1608B/1616B/1708B/1716B/1808B/1816B 1. OVERVIEW. 1




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HMS81C1716B PDF File

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