H354LAI-XXXX – LC Filters for TV / VCR and Video Camera

H354LAI-XXXX Information is available here.

Part Number : H354LAI-XXXX

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, LC Filters for TV / VCR and Video Camera.

Pinouts :

Package :

Manufacturer : Toko

Image :

H354LAI-XXXX データシート

Some text files in PDF file :

TOKO TYPE 4FUS LC Filters for TV, VCR and Video Camera TYPE 4FUS


l Ultra-compact LC block filters based on 4mm square coil units. Suitable for surface mounting. l Basic units will take up to 2 built-in capacitors. l Adjustable and non-adjustable types available. Up to three units may be used in combination. l Highly adaptable – suitable for highpass, lowpass, and bandpass filters, delay lines, equalizers, etc. l Shield case minimizes interference with other components, allowing high-density layout. l Suitable for surface mounting (reflow soldering). Applications l Developed for use in the increasingly compact world of video equipment. Specifications Effective bandwidth Maximum inductance Approx. Q value under no load Internal capacitor Max. no. combinable 0.1 ~ 15MHz 600µH 40 4~750pF up to 2 int. 3 Filters for RGB Encoder Toko part no. Application H354BAI-6544 3.58MHz BPF H354BAI-6545 4.43MHz BPF H354LAI-3387DDD Y Delay Line Filters for Digital Encoder Toko part no. H354LAI-8000 Filters for Digital CATV Toko part no. H354LAI-8000 Impedance 1kohm 1kohm 1kohm Fig. 1 2 3 Impedance 150ohm Fig. 4 Application Y, C, Comp LPF Fig. 4 Wide-band Delay Lines Toko part no. Group delay TG354EDH-6882 1ns TG354EDH-6883 2ns TG354EDH-6884 3ns TG354EDH-6885 4ns TG354EDH-6886 5ns TG354EDH-6887 6ns TG354EDH-6888 7ns TG354EDH-6889 8ns TG354EDH-6890 9ns TG354EDH-6891 10ns Impedance 150 ohm 150 ohm 150 ohm 150 ohm 150 ohm 150 ohm 150 ohm 150 ohm 150 ohm 150 ohm Fig. 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Low Pass Filters Toko part no. Cutoff Freq. Group delay Trap Fig. H354LAI-2258 1.1MHz 300ns 3.58MHz 15 H354LBI-2542 1.2MHz 220ns 3.58MHz 16 H354LAI-3056 0.5MHz 440ns 4.43MHz 17 H354LCI-2913 0.7MHz 360ns 4.43MHz 18 H354LNI-2882 1.0MHz 260ns 4.43MHz 19 H354LAI-4862 1.2MHz 280ns 4.43MHz 20 H354LAI-4968 1.3MHz 250ns 4.43MHz 21 H354LBI-3357 1.0MHz 330ns 7.16MHz 22 H354LBI-3284 1.5MHz 210ns 7.16MHz 23 H354LAI-4435 2.8MHz 120ns 10.7MHz 24 H354LAI-4945 1.2MHz 260ns 25 H354LAI-4703 1 [ … ]


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