FP6137C – 2A Bus Termination Regulator

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Part number : FP6137C

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 2A Bus Termination Regulator.

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Manufacturer : Fiti

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FP6137C Datasheet PDF

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fitipower integrated technology lnc. FP6137C 2A BUS TERMINATION REGULATOR


The FP6137C linear regulator is designed to provide the transi ent peaks up to 2A sou rcing or sin king capability for DDR SDRA M bus termination application. T he output volt age ca n tra ck half of input power by two external voltage divider resistors. The FP61 37C provides current limiting in both sourcing/sinking mode a nd th ermal shutdown fun ction which prote cts the excessive heating due to high current and high junction temperature. The FP6137 C is availabl e in the SOP-8 (Expose d Pad) package.


● 2A Source or Sink Current ● Power MOSFET Integrated ● Low Output Voltage Offset ● Current Limiting Protection ● Thermal Shutdown Protection ● Adjusted Output by External Resistors ● Shutdown for Standby or Suspend Mode ● RoHS Compliant Applications ● DDR-I and DDR-II Bus Termination Voltage ● SSTL-2 and SSTL-3 Termination ● Active Termination Buses Pin Assignments SP Package (SOP-8) VIN GND REFEN VOUT 1 2 3 4 GND Ordering Information FP6137C□□□ TR: Tape/Reel Blank: Tube P: Pb Free with Commercial Standard (RoHS Compliant) Package Type SP: SOP-8 (Exposed Pad) 8 7 6 5 NC NC VCNTL NC Figure 1. Pin Assignment of FP6137C (Top View) Typical Application Circuit 1.8V/2.5V VIN 3.3V VCNTL RU 100K VIN VCNTL FP6137C REFEN VOUT 0.9V/1.25V VOUT CVOUT 470µ CCNTL 47µ C IN 470µ Q1 EN RD 100K CSS 1µ GND Figure 2. Typical Application Circuit of FP6137C FP6137C-1.2-JAN-2007 1 http:// fitipower integrated technology lnc. FP6137C Functional Pin


Pin Name VIN GND VCNTL REFEN VOUT Pin Function Power input pin. VIN is the input power supply used to create the external reference voltage for regulating VOUT. VIN sources current to VOUT by upper NMOS. Common ground pin. The VOUT sinks current to GND by lower NMOS. Power input pin. The VCNTL power supplies the internal control circuitry and gate drive vo [ … ]

FP6137C PDF File

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