FP5138 Information is available here.

Part Number : FP5138

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, BOOST CONVERT CONTROL IC.

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Package :

Manufacturer : feeling-tech

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FP5138 データシート

Some text files in PDF file :

Technology FP5138 BOOST CONVERT CONTROL IC GENERAL DESCRIPTION The FP5138 is a boost topology switching regulator control IC for battery-used applications field. The FP5138 includes a totem-pole single output stage for driving NPN transistor or N-MOS, high precision reference (0.5V) for comparing output voltage with feedback amplifier, an internal dead-time control for controlling the minimum duty cycle, programmable soft start with short circuit protection function and logic level control for operating mode or standby mode. FEATURES ˙Wide supply voltage operating range: 1.8 to 15V ˙Reference voltage precision: 4% ˙Low current consumption: Operation Mode 5.5mA Standby-by Mode 1μA ˙High speed oscillator frequency: 1MHz max. ˙Programmable Soft Start function (SS) ˙Short Circuit Protection function(SCP) ˙Totem-pole output with adjustable on/off current (for NPN transistors or n-channel MOSFET) ˙Logic level control stand-by mode function ˙Package: SOP8/TSSOP8/MSOP8/SOP8(EP) SOP8 TS S O P 8 TYPICAL APPLICATION ˙Digital Camera ˙PDA ˙Portable Equipment MS O P 8 Website: http://www.feeling-tech.com.tw Rev0.6 August 17, 2006 P1/FP5138 Technology FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM 3 7 FP5138 Reference voltage supply 0.8V 0.1V Sawtooth wave oscillator 1.25V 1 + 0.5V 8 36kΩ 36 Error Amp. 500KΩ 0.1V PWM Comp. + + + DTC 0.6V Output drive control circuit 0.22V 5 30 Ω 30k Soft start & SCP circuit 6 2 4 MARK VIEW Name No. FB 1 SCP 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 PIN DESCRIPTION I/O


I Error amplifier inverting input pin Connected a capacitor I Soft start and SCP function pin P IC power supply I Output current setting and control pin O Totem-pole output P IC ground Capacitor and resistor connected for I the frequency of oscillation O Error amplifier compensation output 1 2 8 7 3 6 5 4 VCC BR/CTL OUT GND OSC COMP FP513 8 Website: http://www.feeling-tech.com.tw L Rev0.6 August 17, 2006 P2/FP5138 www.DataSheet4 [ … ]

FP5138 PDF File

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