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部品番号 : FLD3F7CZ

機能 : これは一種の半導体です。, DFB CATV Laser.

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メーカー : Eudyna Devices

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FLD3F7CZ データシート

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1,310nm DFB CATV Laser FEATURES • • • • • Direct Modulation DFB Laser Built-in TEC, Thermistor and Monitor PD Optical Isolator 14 Pin Butterfly Type Module 78 Channel NTSC Loading (112 Channel device available) • Low Residual CSO & CTB • 11 dB Link Budget Available FLD3F7CZ APPLICATIONS This DFB laser is intended for application in analog AM, CATV at 1,310nm. Transmission spans of 30 km are possible without amplification. DESCRIPTION This DFB laser for analog AM application is a high power laser capable of carrying 78 channels with excellent CSO, CTB, and CNR performance. It is packaged in a ‘butterfly’ type module. The module employs a high efficiency optical coupling system, coupling the laser output through a built-in optical isolator into a single mode fiber pigtail. The module also includes a monitor photodiode, a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) and a thermistor. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tc=25°C, unless otherwise specified) Parameter Storage Temperature Operating Case Temperature Optical Output Power LD Forward Current LD Reverse Voltage PD Reverse Voltage PD Forward Current TEC Voltage TEC Current Thermistor Temperature Lead Soldering Time Environmental Operating Humidity Environmental Storage Humidity Symbol Tstg Top Pf IF VR VDR IPD Vc Ic Tth Tsold Xop Xst Condition Min. CW CW Cooling Heating Cooling Heating ATC Operation 260°C Top<30°C Tstg<30°C -40 -20 -2.0 -0.5 -20 Ratings Max. +70 +65 20 150 2 20 10 +2.5 +1.4 +65 10 95 95 °C °C mW mA V V mA V A °C sec % % Unit Edition 1.2 July 2004 1 FLD3F7CZ Parameter TEC Current TEC Voltage TEC Capacity Thermistor Resistance Thermistor B Constant Symbol Ic Vc ∆T Rtr B Test Conditions ∆T=40°C ∆T=40°C Ic=1A Limits Min. 40 9.5 1,310nm DFB CATV Laser TEC & THERMISTOR CHARACTERISTICS (TL=25±1°C) Max. 1.0 2.0 10.5 Typ. 3,900 Unit A V °C kΩ K Tc = Case Temperature, TL = Laser Temperature OPTICAL AND ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TL=25±1°C) [ ... ]


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