FAN7602C – Green Current Mode PWM Controller

FAN7602C Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : FAN7602C

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Green Current Mode PWM Controller.

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Manufacturer : Fairchild Semiconductor

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FAN7602C Datasheet PDF

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FAN7602C — Green Current Mode PWM Controller April 2009 FAN7602C Green Current Mode PWM Controller


„ Green Current Mode PWM Controller „ Random Frequency Fluctuation for Low EMI „ Internal High-Voltage Startup Switch „ Burst Mode Operation „ Line Voltage Feedforward to Limit Maximum Power „ Line Under-Voltage Protection „ Latch Protection & Internal Soft-Start (10ms) Function „ Overload Protection „ Over-Voltage Protection „ Over-Temperature Protection „ Low Operation Current: 1mA Typical „ 8-Pin DIP/SOP


The FAN7602C is a green current-mode PWM controller. It is specially designed for off-line adapter applications; DVDP, VCR, LCD monitor applications; and auxiliary power supplies. The internal high-voltage startup switch and the burst mode operation reduce the power loss in standby mode. As a result, the input power is lower than 1W when the input line voltage is 265VAC and the load is 0.5W. At noload condition, input power is under 0.15W. The maximum power can be limited constantly, regardless of the line voltage change, using the power limit function. The switching frequency is not fixed and it has random frequency fluctuation. The FAN7602C includes various protections for the system reliability and the internal soft-start prevents the output voltage over-shoot at startup. Applications „ Adapter „ LCD Monitor Power „ Auxiliary Power Supply Related Resources „ AN-6014- Green Current Mode PWM Controller (Except for frequency fluctuation part in AN-6014) Ordering Information Part Number FAN7602CN FAN7602CM FAN7602CMX -40°C to +150°C RoHS Operating Junction Temperature Eco Status Package 8-DIP 8-SOP Packing Method Rail Rail Tape and Reel Top Mark FAN7602C FAN7602C FAN7602C For Fairchild’s definition of Eco Status, please visit: © 2009 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation FAN7602C • Rev. 1.0.0 FAN7602C — Gree [ … ]

FAN7602C PDF File

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